Workamping, if you haven’t heard yet, is the crazy idea that RVers can work while they travel! OMG! Who ever thought this was possible? Not me that’s for sure- when we first came up with the crazy idea to travel fulltime with 4 kids we really knew nothing about companies hiring RVers specifically. We just figured we’d sell our wares at the local craft shows and live the true gypsies life…

Little did I know, there was a whole community of RVers, bothe new and seasoned, that lived on the orad and funded their adventures by Workamping.

The term Workamping was trademarked in 1987 by Workamper News: The #1 Resource for Workamping & Jobs for RVers!,  they define the term as follows

Workamper: (wur-kam-per)


  1. Adventuresome individuals, couples and families who have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines ANY kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping.
  2. Person working as an employee, operating a business, or donating their time as a volunteer – while sleeping in an RV or on-site housing.

Workamper News set the stage for what would develop into a new lifestyle and seasonal employment niche for employers, looking to fill short term positions. They now serve as an all-inclusive resource offering everything from Live Events, Jobinars, Resume Building Tools and much more! *Use the code SHAREE for a bonus issue when you sign up fpor a Gold Membership ($39.99 a year)!*

What exactly is Workamping?

It’s simple- Workamping is any job you do while living in your RV or some form of onsite housing. While the most common and well advertised type of Workamping is done at Campgrounds, RV Parks and Resorts- you can Workamp pretty much anywhere doing almost anything!

How does it work?

Workampers are hired by private companies, individuals and government agencies. Each agreement will differ depending on the type of work, where exactly you were hired and what you’ve agreed to do. Basically, you want to come to an agreement with the employer about start/ed dates, job responsibilities, pay, accommodations, and benefits/amenities and get it in writing. Once you have that- you can plan your travels and maybe even your next stop!

How much does it pay?

Pay will also depend on where you work and what you’ve agreed to do. Typically, we’ve seen anywhere from just a FHU to minimum wage or more appealing offers that include the FHU site, a decent wage at about $9-12 per hour plus added benefits like free use of  park amenities! While large employers like Amazon & the Sugar Beet Harvest tend to pay on the higher end- we’ve also seen many private campgrounds and Christmas Tree Farms, paying wood wages as well!

What types of jobs are available?

Everyone has heard about Camp Hosting, and although it can be a great opportunity for retires and those who aren’t looking to earn considerable cash- there are definitely other jobs available for Workampers. As mentioned before, Amazon, Sugar Beet, and Christmas Trees all hire Workampers for specific seasons. There are also jobs available in Maintenance, Activities, Cafe/Food Service, Management, Inn Keeping, Tour Guides, Crafts, Reservations, Customer Service, and many many more!

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