If you’re looking for a social media channel that’s specifically for RVers- you’ve found it in RVillage! Similar to other networking sites, in that you haved the ability to create an account, make friends and post in groups, RVillage says,

RVillage is a social platform for RVers, RVer “wannabes” and dreamers, campers, and otherwise “nomadic” people looking for friends activities and others to connect with on their journeys. Once users register and create a profile, RVillagers can find other travelers based on their current location, any destination or along their route and remain connected through smart mapping technology and social interactive tools.

RVillage is also a “virtual lobby” for our RV parks and campgrounds listed in our directory. Discover who is staying in the same park, have discussions, and stay connected with new friends!

If you’re looking for way to earn little extra income, think about their Ambassador Program:

RVillage has an Ambassador Program where members have the opportunity top collaborate with the RVillage team on topics like:

  • Welcoming new members
  • Helping fellow RVillagers navigate around the site
  • Offering advice and sharing experiences on the Home Feed and within groups
  • Creating Get-Togethers and other events to encourage community
  • Being a liaison with RV parks and helping them claim their parks on the site

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in and you want more info, please contact the Ambassador Administrator at ambassadors@rvfriendnetwork.com

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