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I would love to say I can’t remember what it was like to live a ‘normal’ life and take vacations with the family in an effort to spend quality time together. I would love to say I can’t remember what coming back to reality was like, when everyone whined for just ‘one more day’, but the truth is- I remember it like it was yesterday! The memory of putting up with misery and discontentment with the goal of taking a week or sometimes even less to enjoy ourselves, is far to fresh in my mind.

It was just 3 short years ago we decided to hit the road and travel fulltime in an RV. We wanted a life full of experiences and to be honest- sticks and bricks just wasn’t hittin the spot! We packed it all up and stuffed it into a tiny RV of just 21 feet and drove off into the sunset- yeah right! It wasn’t all sunsets and roses- but for the most part we had a wonderful time. So much so, we decided to not look back and only to continue forward!

Is Family Travel Possible for Extended Time?

There will always be different strokes for different folks, and you’ll know exactly what I mean once you take a lot of the diverse group of families, young couples, retirees and other adventurous people who have taken to the open roads and now call it home!

Some people travel in large Class A Motorhomes with more luxuries than one can count. Others travel in less than picture perfect setups where bonds are made and family time is never in short supply. You choose what works for you, and if your anything like us, you’ll have several RVs over the course of your adventure and each one will work better than the last.

Choosing the style of travel that suits your crew is probably the most important thing. Trying to fit your family into the shoes of another will likely prove to be far to uncomfortable to continue the journey. Just do you!

For instance- we travel slowly across the country for the most part, because we need to Workamp to keep this party a float! We’re not retired and we’re not living the life of the rich and famous. Bills have to be paid and moths have to be fed. Workamping lets us earn a decent income to cover our expenses and we get our housing for FREE! We supplement that income with writing gigs and other small business projects.

However you chose to take to the road- know that yo are not alone. Many families have done it, will do it and are doing it right now!

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Traveling as a family has many perks that we did not intend or maybe we just didn’t take a moment to really think about all the greatness that was in store for us- either way the pros have far out weighed the cons and from what the scales are saying- why would we choose anything else?

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