Rainy Day Roadschooling: 4 Must Have Items

Roadschooling your kids while you travel fulltime can offer a ‘world’ of outdoor learning opportunities. But what ways can families continue their learning, when the weather traps them inside all day, where they have limited space and supplies? Good Question This was a major concern we had, when we packed our RV for the very [...]

Roadschool: Why & How We Started

Our family was your average American family, back when we were convinced enrolling our kids in private, then public schools was the right thing to do. We woke up early in the mornings to get our oldest off the school. This usually consisted of begging her to get out of the bed, washed up and [...]

6 Roadschooling Supply Must Haves

Every year there is a soft rumble at the neighborhood Walmart when school supply list are published. Parents grab a list for each of the children and make their way to the store aisles to quickly grab all the latest supplies for their kids. It’s become comical to us, how we used to behave! This [...]