The calm has finally arrived!

The calm has finally arrived, and I mean that literally. We are finally able to breathe without the worry of when we need to pack up and be at our next stop... the summer is over, the fall is here and Winter is on its way. I can't wait! Not because I'm tired of traveling [...]

10 Things we loved at the Resort at Massey’s Landing

This year, one of our many road trips led us to a hidden gem on the shoreline of a state we had never visited, Delaware. It was a trip we were looking forward to and one that we decided would be done without our RV! I know, can you believe it? For this trip, we [...]

4 Hard Truths of Workamping

Workamping is a great concept and an even more fulfilling alternative lifestyle, many will only dream about. Workamping affords many folks who have long to travel with the amazing opportunity to make their dreams a reality. By combining work, with real life and a full travel schedule, you can live the wonderful life of Workamping [...]

3 Steps to Make your New Year’s Goals More Attainable:

This is the beginning of the New Year, and yet the end of another. The start of a brand new adventure starts in the few moments right after the countdown and it is within these precious few moments that last year flashes before your eyes. You see all the ground you were able to cover. [...]