10 Things we loved at the Resort at Massey’s Landing

This year, one of our many road trips led us to a hidden gem on the shoreline of a state we had never visited, Delaware. It was a trip we were looking forward to and one that we decided would be done without our RV! I know, can you believe it?

For this trip, we would be staying at what we considered, a luxury beachside RV resort, in one of their beach cottages for 3 nights and 4 days!

The kids were thrilled and so were we! To top it all off, this was our oldest daughter’s 13th birthday and we wanted it to be magical. We piled the troops into our SUV and added one more, Antwon’s sassy & lovable Grandmother ‘Nana’ would be coming along for this adventure! She’s 83 and we wanted to have the kids spend some time with her, before we headed back west of the Mississippi.

Our destination was The Resort at Massey’s Landing and it was only a 4-hour drive from Nana’s place in Jersey City. She was skeptical on where we were headed, and what it would be like to stay at an RV Resort, as this was her first time. When we arrived, she was blown away! It was gorgeous! She questioned if we were at the right place, because she felt like she was in the middle of the Caribbean, but we’d only driven for a few hours south of her house. She couldn’t believe it! I knew right them this would be a great trip, and I was right!

Antwon & I hopped out and headed inside to check-in. We were greeted by warm and friendly staff members and then surprised by a loaded welcome bag and a huge hug from the properties General Manager, Patricia. She welcomed us to Massey’s and provided us with the tickets we had previously reserved, for a Beer & Wine Tour and a Family Farm Tour with the Kids and Nana.

We followed our host over to our cottage, which was right on the water- where guests could rent paddle boards, kayaks and canoes. The cottage was bright and cheerful, just like the overall feel of this beach paradise, and the back porch was screened in with a cute table we ate almost every meal at, and where the kids played with small crabs they caught by the shoreline.

The next 4 days would be filled with family fun, and even though we didn’t take our RV with us, we still felt at home.

Here are 10 Things we loved about the Resort at Massey’s Landing Resort

Swim up Bar & Adult Pool: Okay I know this shouldn’t be at the top of my list of family fun, but I thought this was super awesome for the Adults! Nan & I sat by the pool and had a few drinks while the kiddos splashed around and sipped their slushies with new friends! They even had a wall inside the pool- that served as a barrier so the adults can congregate around the bar, and the kids are safely on the other side with the lifeguard! Caribbean music was the icing on the cake!

On Site Ice Cream Parlor & Coffee Cafe: Daily trips for ice cream was one of their favorite things. The idea that they could choose any of the dozen or more flavors, with toppings and more for a mid-afternoon treat was a cool way to beat the heat! They also had a “Man v. Food” type of eating contest- that no-one in our group was brave enough to try! I grabbed a latte every morning for me and Nana- and they were great as well.


Air Brush Tattoos: The twins were all in, when they heard they had air brush tattoos on the back porch of the welcome center. The staff was friendly as usual and once we picked our designs- we patiently waited for our turn to be inked. The tattoos were quick and easy, and turned out really great!

Sandy Beach: If you go to a beach resort you would expect they would have a sandy spot to chill and play in the sand! Expectation was met and exceeded at Massey’s Landing. They have a nice beach area, with golf cart and regular parking spots right up front. Tiki hut shaded canopies are available and were relatively easy to grab at most times of the day, and food and drinks were just a hop skip and a jump away at the Sand Dollar Bar & Grill.

Sand Dollar Bar & Grill: The food was terrific, the location was perfect, and the bathrooms were spotless! We ate dinner here twice and tried a variety of the items on the menu including the Crab Cakes (#1 recommendation), fried clams, chicken strips, and nachos!

Tie-Dye Shirts: We make tie dye just about everywhere we go- it’s like an easy way to wrap an activity and a personalized gift to remember the experience all in one! Usually they come out okay, but this time they actually looked like the examples! The staff gave us great instructions, helped the kids, and told us how to make sure the colors came our vibrant, which we really appreciated! These shirts will last more than the typical 1-3 months in our clothing arsenals, because they’re really cool!

Beach Cottage: Great accommodations for a small family, large family, or group of gals for the weekend- who were our neighbors! The all white interiors and bring linens remind you of island life and take you to a place of you can only describe as ‘no problem mon’. We could have stayed a month and never missed the RV once.

Fishing & Crabbing: We bought the kids some crabbing nets at the Resort Store and some bait, so they could test their skills as professional crabbers. While they had some great fun, trying to catch crabs- the only ones they were able to actually catch were the little ones hiding in holes on the shoreline. They still had a great time! Antwon managed to catch one of the horseshoe crabs, which everyone agreed were pretty cool.

Day Trips & Nightly Cruise: You can sign-up for the nightly sunset cruise, day trips like the Beer & Wine Tour or Family Farm Tour- where they will shuttle you around in a cool ride like this branded bus. We ended up canceling our trip, because we were exhausted from all the activities we did on site, but we did manage to get off property to take the kids to the Arcade/Bowling Alley in Rehoboth Beach!

On-Site Liquor Store: I guess since I started the list with adult beverages, I’ll end it the mention of some as well. They have an on-site liquor store- that was super convenient for Nana’s requested 6 six pack. The prices were about the same as an off-site location, a beach outside for the kids, and a friendly person behind the desk!

Overall- if you can’t already tell we had a wonderful time at Massey’s Landing and plan to go back! It’s the perfect mix of activities and amenities for kids and adults, couples and families and even RV rallies and family reunions. The site is well maintained and kept to high standards.

I would love to see a big RV rally held here in 2018. This place would be a crowd pleaser for sure. There is truly something for everyone, and with the ability to entertain the kids and the parents- it’s a perfect choice for your next RV Vacation, Summer Road Trip or Full-Time RV Adventure!

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