He rode the bull… down the rapids!

Its not often that Antwon & I take off on an excursion by ourselves… In fact it happens almost never! So it was a big deal when we drove to Georgia, dropped the kids off with family and headed out for an exciting day trip for Adults Only

When you live in an RV with your family, privacy and alone time are things that just don’t have a high likelihood of coming to fruition. You might think a few minutes in your cozy bed or a few moments longer in the shower are normal things, but for Workamping Families like mine- these ‘stolen moments’ are prized processions and are harder to come by than you might image.


Antwon & I needed a break. To be honest the kids needed one too. The weather wasn’t cooperating with our love of RV life and the location we are in has way too many thunderstorms that turn into severe storms for our liking. We needed a break and the kids were dying to get back home and see friends and family!

We planned a family trip to Georgia. Our old stomping ground where we feel warm and fuzzy, never worry about the weather and have a great time spending time catching up with friends and family we haven’t seen in a while.

We booked a vacation rental, which is usually our ‘go to’ accommodation style if we plan to stay somewhere outside the RV for more than a day or two, through Booking.com in the exact same city we purchased our first home! It brought back so many memories!

The kids spent the first day with us, then split up an went on their separate ways to hang with some friends, visit my mom, their cousins and Antwon’s sisters.

Antwon & I took full advantage of this opportunity. We hit the town running- everyday (after 4:30 when I finished working!).


We hung out, played cards, went down to Atlanta, ate on the strip, went to a Birthday party, but the highlight of the trip was going White Water Rafting with our friend from high school (he’s the guy smiling really big in the front of the boat!!!) Hey Damon! :-)…. You’ll see him a little later!


Okay so here’s how the day went….

We woke up bright and early, met up with Damon & his girlfriend Jasmine, then drove about 2 hours into Tennessee where the outfitter location was, along the Ocoee River. We sat through a small and short rafter orientation where the guide went over things like, paying attention to your guide, following directions, what to do if you fall out the raft, and how not to die on the river…. We listened closely!


Next we took a bus ride to the top of the river, to the loading station for the Middle Ocoee. Unloaded the boats, did another training exercise teaching us how to paddle together- then carried our raft down to the river and hopped in!


Immediately we felt a rush of adrenaline. From the first ‘introductory’ rapid we knew this was the real deal!!! And since there wasn’t a chance to even think about turning back, you just had to roll with it and pray for the best!!!

It was the first trip of the year, so there weren’t a ton of people on the river, but other rafts were present, which made we feel better, and there were even a few people in kayaks- so I felt we were relatively safe.


Our guide was a Workamper named Mack. He was so adventurous it was contagious. Literally… He had us doing all kinds of crazy tricks- that no one else on the river was doing, and then would justify it by saying, “You guys can handle it! I mean this is what you paid for!”. So we did things like surfing the rapids and the whirlpools (Damon almost drowned in this one)- and then Antwon knocked him in the head with his paddle, which didn’t help- but he survived! Mack said, “Yeah that ones kind of for experience rafters, and other guides don’t do it all- but you guys signed the waiver…”

While Mack navigated our raft down the river, he made sure to find time to have fun as well…. On one rapid when we hit a huge bump, he jumped into the air screaming then met us back in the raft, at the bottom… It was so crazy- I had a moment when I wondered if he was sober or not…


What happened after this photo was something I could have never imagined!

Approaching one of the bigger rapids, that was actually 2 back to back- Mack asked if anyone wanted to Ride the Bull. I immediately replied “YEAH!” He asked “Do you know how to do it” I was like “Nooooo…” So he says “Okay! Give me your paddle, and climb up to the front of the raft and sit on it. Hold on to that rope right there and ride that bull!”

I immediately punked out- and decided it wasn’t for me…

Antwon, however, decided he would go for it! CRAZY, right?

He passed back his paddle and climbed up there, help on tight and rode the bull… down the rapids. I really couldn’t believe it!


Yep! That really happened!

He rode the bull, down the rapids and lived (thankfully) to tell the tale.

Overall we had a great time, and spent a total of 3 hours on the river. Along the way we hoped off the boat to swim, go off at a picnic area with a waterfall and listened to many of Macks bad River Jokes- that only Antwon laughed at…


One thought on “He rode the bull… down the rapids!

  1. I have lived vicariously through your family for the past year. You are such an inspiration to me. I thought this year would be the one that allowed me to RV full time with my family. Without much thought, I accepted a new position out of state and it appears that dream will be on hold for awhile. In the meantime I will continue to follow the Collier family on their exciting adventures across America… Continued blessings to your family!

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