3 Steps to Make your New Year’s Goals More Attainable:

This is the beginning of the New Year, and yet the end of another. The start of a brand new adventure starts in the few moments right after the countdown and it is within these precious few moments that last year flashes before your eyes. You see all the ground you were able to cover. All the miles driven. All the words spoken. People met. New places discovered. And stories told. Your mind is flooded with the pictures of your journey- and not the ones that you shared on social media. The ones you held for just your family- the ones that explain the who, what, when, where, and why behind this whole big crazy family adventure. It’s in these few short moments, you realize that this year marks the beginning of a brand new adventure. One that you may not have even planned yet.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Do you want to lose weight? Are you trying to embrace healthy habits?  What about doing more volunteer work this year?

Everyone has goals we want to accomplish in the new year, and many of us will check these boxes off our ‘To Do Lists’ along with many others. But for a few, these resolutions will likely fall to wayside due to one reason or another, and that is both disheartening and discouraging.

Make sure you don’t fall in to the second group this year, by taking a few steps to ensure that goals, dreams, aspirations or whatever you’d like to call them, all make it to the completed list, by following these 5 steps:

3 Steps to Make your New Year’s Goals More Attainable:

  1. Keep it simple: Long lists of goals are not the result we’re aiming for here. What you want for your New Year’s goals are a few short, simple and well thought out goals that are not only reasonable but also attainable. You want things that aren’t super easy to complete, but things that aren’t considered ‘shooting for the stars’ either. Think about where you want to travel this year. Who you want to travel with. What that means for yourself, your friends and your family. Incorporating your travels into your New Year’s Goals is an awesome way to cover some extra ground, reach new places and keep your RV adventure rolling along!
  2. Make it Count: After you’ve thought out some goals and feel comfortable with the level of difficulty, it’s a great time to take each goal and thoroughly plan how you’ll meet it. If the goal is too vague and doesn’t include a plan of objectives to get you to the finish- then it’s really more of a dream. To be successful in accomplishing your goals this year, you’ll have to think them through, so you might as well write them down as well. Planning out my thoughts and being able to see them, in detail, usually helps me keep track of the progress I’m making.
  1. Tell Someone: Holding yourself accountable is sometimes easier said than done. We can all make excuses for why this isn’t getting done, why we didn’t do this, and why we did this instead. Telling someone will help keep you motivated to complete your goals, out of sheer pride. By sharing your goals and your plan for attaining them, you’ll likely have more success- since you’ll have at least one other person to help keep you motivated and accountable!

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