Amazon Camperforce Peak 2016 Day 12:

Final day of this week. I’m ready for my last day and hope cart audit is not in my near future….

Please Note: I am not representing Camperforce. I am also not a spokesperson, or officially affiliated with the Amazon Corporation or Camperforce Program. The information, ideas, reviews, and comments I provide are none other than my own. I find they are true from the first hand, personal experience of working inside the Amazon Fulfillment Center as a Camperforce Associate. I will provide a truthful explanation and as many details as possible both here as well as in my ebook, but this information can change without notice at any time. Please keep in mind, your own personal experience is your best resource for information.

Here’s how Day 12 of CamperForce Peak  2016 went:

Basically, I went into work today, hoping to take a break from rounding up carts, since it takes more walking… Lazy! I know- but give me a break. We’ve been here since August and today I just want to pick.

Actually, today is one of those days, where you wish you could just call in sick! I really didn’t feel like going in at all, so when I overheard someone suggesting I pick up where I left off yesterday (with the carts) I quickly spoke up and suggested I take a break from that and let someone else enjoy it.

As for my break- well… Let’s just say you better be careful of what you wish for around this place! I wanted a break from walking. And not really walking, just additional walking! What I received was a message on my scanner, telling me to report to ICQA.

NOOOOO- I didn’t feel like counting today! I have so many things I was trying to plan in my head, counting was really going to put a damper on things.

I can’t count, plan a road trip, plan which storage areas to declutter and write an article introduction in my head at the same time!

I walked over to the ICQA desk and scanned in. Picked a cart and went out to go count and recount bins. After 5 hours- I had had enough. So when VTO was offered I accepted it as quick as I could and drove to Kroger to get a few snacks before heading home!

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