Amazon Camperforce Peak 2016 Day 9:

After 3 days off- I can honestly say I feel well rested! I wasn’t entirely happy that I had three days off this week, but I needed them! This job is really physical and no matter how much you think you’ve prepare for walking on concrete… you’ll quickly realize you didn’t do enough!

During my off days, I tried Prime Pantry for the first time. Feeling rather lazy from the 55 hour week I had just worked- Antwon & I decided to just search and click for all our pantry items this week. It was so easy I can see it becoming a regular occurance…. I made a quick run to Kroger to just pick up the fresh items we needed for this week’s meal plan and was out in less than 20 minutes! Yippee-

Please Note: I am not representing Camperforce. I am also not a spokesperson, or officially affiliated with the Amazon Corporation or Camperforce Program. The information, ideas, reviews, and comments I provide are none other than my own. I find they are true from the first hand, personal experience of working inside the Amazon Fulfillment Center as a Camperforce Associate. I will provide a truthful explanation and as many details as possible both here as well as in my ebook, but this information can change without notice at any time. Please keep in mind, your own personal experience is your best resource for information.


Here’s how Day 9 of CamperForce Peak 2016 went:

This morning I was running late. I managed to get dressed and have a cup of coffee, but totally forgot to go out and start the car so I would be able to get the ice off the windshield. When I finally remembered- I was already about 10 mins behind schedule. Normally this wouldn’t have rattled me, but what it meant this morning, was I wouldn’t have enough time to eat my oatmeal! No breakfast? Darn it! Not the way I wanted to start the day.

Inside the fulfillment center, all was good. Steady pace, cheerful faces and time went by quickly in each quarter.

After the last break at 2:30 we went back to picking for about 45minutes, before we were called down to the startup area for an operational pause. (Some Thing Some Where was wrong- and that meant we needed to stop working until it was fixed.)

For the next hour or so, we stood around listening to jokes, riddles, facts about Pearl Harbor, 80’s T.V. show theme songs and watched two associates do the Cupid Shuffle. For the last 20mins we walked through the mods helping to straighten the bins and replace stray carts to their right locations.

10 hours worked. 10.91 miles walked.

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