Amazon Camperforce Peak 2016 Day 6:

Kind of dreading going in to work today! If it’s anything like yesterday- I can wait… No really I can!

Here’s how Day 6 of CamperForce Peak 2016 went:

Okay here’s the scoop. Today was much better. The fulfillment center looked a little deserted though. Mandatory overtime had been canceled last night for a few shifts, and the parking lot was half empty! No problem though- I love parking up front!

Startup went well. My shift Manager J**** always tries to break the looks of boredom with jokes- she does a good job, but I think people are too tired to break a smile, so laughing is totally out of the question!

I was sentenced sent to the same mods as yesterday, so concrete was my fate. By day 3 of this 6 day work week- I can definitely feel the difference of walking on concrete as opposed to the softer flooring in the upper levels.

Anyway, I used my lunch break to return 4 Redbox movies that we forgot about, get gas and grab a chicken salad from Kroger- all with enough time to eat it and drive back to work in time to get my same parking spot and clock in before being late! Woop! Woop!

I’m getting really good at this!

I did do carts for the second half of the day, but this time my partner was another camper named K****. She’s a single woman, traveling solo- and a pretty rad chick to boot! Her stories kept me entertained for hours, and to be honest I probably could have spent another few hours listening to her tell her life’s story, but we ran out of time and carts to move- at just about the same time… coincidence?

I ended up walking 13 miles today and my feet officially really, really hurt. I’m trying to avoid purchasing any more tennis shoes- since I already have 3 pairs and personally do not prefer them as my top choice for footwear to begin with. Only about 3 weeks left- I think I can make it!

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