Amazon Camperforce Peak 2016 Day 5:

First day of my real shift, and I’m feeling good! Lots of energy, still smiling, conversations are fresh- it’s going good!

Please Note: I am not representing Camperforce. I am also not a spokesperson, or officially affiliated with the Amazon Corporation or Camperforce Program. The information, ideas, reviews, and comments I provide are none other than my own. I find they are true from the first hand, personal experience of working inside the Amazon Fulfillment Center as a Camperforce Associate. I will provide a truthful explanation and as many details as possible both here as well as in my ebook, but this information can change without notice at any time. Please keep in mind, your own personal experience is your best resource for information.

Here’s how Day 5 of CamperForce Peak 2016 went:

Let’s see where should I start? Okay, let’s start with miles 1 through 5- basically before lunch. I pretty much stayed in the same two-three mods which all happen to be on the first floor, so all concrete, with the occasional Hot Pick up on like P4B, where I had to climb 3 flights of stairs for one item, then continue as usual…

I tried to break up the boredom- with general chit chat and about a million smiles (some of which are not returned!!!!) to just about anyone I could get to make eye contact!

I snuck over to McDonald’s for lunch and grabbed a Southwest Chicken Salad. Drove like a maniac back to work, parked, checked my teeth for ‘left-overs’. TMI! Sorry. Then did a speed walk back inside the building, and over to the lunch start up, where I felt it was my day for trivia!

Trivia today was great, but apparently, it wasn’t my day. To be honest, all the questions seemed to be things I knew, but only after the actual answer was revealed. Go figure!

Anyway, after lunch I still had a lot of energy. Then I saw a lady who literally looked like death. I may have made a similar comment about her dreary disposition to myself, then regretted it instantly as Karma slapped me twice in the face. Within like two minutes all my energy was drained- and I was dragging my feet through the aisles, trying to stay awake.

Ahhh! No way- I still had 5 hours to go. And either Karma was cursing me or lunch wasn’t as nutrient dense as I had hoped. I guess it might have been a combination- but whatever the culprit the rest of my day dragged like no other. At one point, I was hunched over the cart and the tote driving it through P2C… not my finest hour-

By 4:55pm I couldn’t get to the time clock fast enough!


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