Amazon Camperforce Peak 2016 Day 4:

Overtime was mandatory for today, so no choice on if I wanted to show up and walk… I mean work! I switched my shoes out, popped on another pair of comfy leggings and a t-shirt and decided to make the best of the last 3 weeks at Amazon.

Please Note: I am not representing Camperforce. I am also not a spokesperson, or officially affiliated with the Amazon Corporation or Camperforce Program. The information, ideas, reviews, and comments I provide are none other than my own. I find they are true from the first hand, personal experience of working inside the Amazon Fulfillment Center as a Camperforce Associate. I will provide a truthful explanation and as many details as possible both here as well as in my ebook, but this information can change without notice at any time. Please keep in mind, your own personal experience is your best resource for information.

Here’s how Day 4 of CamperForce Peak 2016 went:

The day started out good. Picks were kind of close together, so I was walking less than the mile an hour pace that has become normal and my feet weren’t hurting even though I forgot to swap out my tennis shoes from the ones I wore yesterday.

Lots of people in the building today, as many shifts are on mandatory overtime. I was put on cart audit for the second half of the day, which is always fine with me!

I have grown to like the cart audits, even though you walk more, the time goes by faster since that darn scanner isn’t there showing you the time, minute by minute!

My partner today was a woman named L***. She was extremely interesting and had hours of great conversations waiting to spew out! I gladly accepted the task and had a great time talking with her as we walked the warehouse replacing carts to their locations and passing out stools.

L*** has worked two other peaks for amazon at this facility, both times under the local staffing agency. This year she applied as a fulltime Amazonian- and is enjoying the bureaucracy structure.

The day went by quickly and I ended up tracking 11 miles total.

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