RV Bucket List: Short, Sweet & To The Point

We’re almost into the holiday season and you know what that means… Yep! RV shows are right around the corner! Each Fall and Winter dozens of popular shows pop up across the country showcasing the best of the best in everything from new luxury models to budget friendly towable units. Regardless of your location or your budget, taking a few hours to stroll through the shows will always provide fun, entertainment and a chance to see what the next year’s new lineup will be!

Personally, prior to last winter I had never been to an RV show before. When it came to looking for RV’s we usually used RVTrader, Craigslist or the local dealership inventory. We just figured there wouldn’t be anything in our price range and that it would likely be boring for the kids.


We couldn’t have been farther from the truth! We took a trip to the Atlanta RV Show with the whole family and were pleasantly surprised at how much fun we had and how much the kids enjoyed themselves. Even though we knew we wouldn’t be purchasing a brand new rig it certainly allowed us to test out a few features and develop an RV Bucket list for our family.

Here’s what we came up with:

Large Living Area:

Our family has 4 active children. We need room for them to move around, when we’re indoors so living space is at the top of our list. On rainy days, when everyone is inside and wants their own space- we’d like to be able to give it to them. Slides, of course, can easily provide a solution to this issue.


Adding more square footage at the push of a button is a perfect way to expand spaces like the living room making it more comfortable for our family to stretch out on the couch and watch TV, play a few board games around the table or even catch up on some school work!

Kitchen Space:

Cooking for a big family in a tiny kitchen will quickly become less of a joy and more of a burden. Limited counter space, coupled with small sinks, storage and refrigerators often restrict my inner chef. A central island with double sinks and additional storage would be an amazing gift.


Private Bedroom:

Transforming the dinette or the sofa from seating to sleeping space becomes normal after you do it a few thousand times, but it would be great to only have to do it when family came to visit.


Bunk Beds:

The kids have passed the ages where they enjoy sleeping together- especially the older girls. The twins sometimes appreciate a ‘sleepover’, but usually they like to stretch out and claim their bed as their own. Different models offered different layouts, ranging from single bunks, to double bunks, to fold down desks and dinette bunks.


Separate sleeping areas for each of the kids is a top priority, and bunk beds seems to be the best option. The twins even had a chance to test out these really awesome bunk bed TVs.


Large Shower:

When you purchase a home a wheels, you definitely want to be comfortable in each space, bathroom included. Small toilets and showers aren’t exactly something that screams ‘buy me!”


While my husband isn’t a professional basketball player, at 6foot 2inches he’s much taller than I am, so I like to let him judge whether or not the shower is going to work for us or not! After all, why take your home on the road if you still have to use public bathrooms and shower houses?

Outdoor Kitchen:

While it’s not at the top of my bucket list- Antwon would easily give up the private bedroom and the large shower to have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. He loves to cook on the grill and the campfire- so this one feature could easily make or break our next RV purchase.


Visiting the RV Show for the first time really opened our eyes to what is available in today’s RV market. We enjoyed the convenience of seeing the large variety of makes and models under one roof, the ability for the kids and ourselves to try the feature out first hand, and the information we gathered for the knowledgeable factory reps.

There you have it- Our RV Bucket List! Short, sweet and to the point.

If you’re in the market for a new rig or just interested in seeing what manufactures are showcasing for the upcoming year, try visiting the next RV show in your area. Test out the features you’re most interested in and create a Bucket List for your own family.

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