RV Starter Kit: Top 12 Pieces of Equipment for Newbie RVers

With tons of camping gear, gizmos and gadgets on the market, stocking the retail store shelves, it’s hard to really know which ones you’ll need, and more so, which you’ll actually use. Sometimes, you just have to learn for yourself, but other times- times like this, you can get the information from someone who’s been there and done that.

While we’re far from professional Rvers, we do live in one fulltime with our four young kids, so we’ve learned a lesson or two on what’s needed and necessary. Sure, everyone will have their own list of exactly what they need, but these items can serve as the base, when starting your new life as an RVer.

Let’s talk about an RV Starter Kit:

Top 12 Pieces of Equipment for Newbies!

Sewer Hose:

The number one item, you need is your sewer hose. How are you planning to empty that new Black tank, without one? You may also want to grab a connector while you’re at it.

Water Hose:

If you want running water- a water hose is a necessary item. Actually, sometimes you’ll need to water hoses- especially if the connection is far from the camper. These are regularly available in most onsite stores- but trust me you won’t want to shell out the extra cash for one you could have purchased for half the price.

Tire Pressure Gauge:

There’s nothing worse than sitting on the side of the road, waiting for your roadside assistance to come change your tire. Making sure to check your tire pressure regularly, like each day your traveling, will keep you safe on your trip.

Tool Kit:

Make sure you have at least a small one. Little fixes pop up all the time, and you’ll want to take care of them when they do. No sense in letting them sit- keep a few common tools in your RR to take care of issues as they come up.

Water Pressure Regulator:

Instead of allowing the campground’s water pressure to run havoc on your RV plumbing system, grab a cheap water pressure regulator and protect yourself against this costly mistake!

Wood Splitter:

Sometimes you just want to feel like your camping! Keeping a wood splitter in your arsenal of equipment will allow you to chop your wood into smaller pieces for a great campfire and get a good work out while your camping.

Fire Starters:

If you know how to start a fire with dry sticks and flint, skip this item, but if not- keep a few fire starters in your camper to make starting your campfire quick and easy.

Outdoor String Lights:

This could be a personal preference, but most likely you’ll want some outdoor lighting for under your awning. Keeping just a little light right by your camper, brings life to your site.

Wheel Chocks:

You could always use a few scrap pieces of wood- but I prefer the wheel chocks, because of the incline feature. They fir snug up under your wheels and prevent your RV from rolling away. These are a must have!

Outdoor Mat:

To keep extra dirt out of the RV with a simple outdoor mat. Place it right under your RV step to trap dirt before it enters. You can also place one inside the front door, to help as well.

Campfire Chairs:

Everyone needs one. If you plan on enjoying the outdoors, regardless of the time of year, the weather, or whether or not you have a fire going- you’ll want campfire chairs.

Citronella Candle:

Flies, gnats, mosquitos and other annoying pests will flood your personal space if you don’t invest in a good quality citronella candle or two or three. Place them strategically- to make hanging out at your site bug free!

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