Having Peace & Quite in an RV with 4 kids

Do you guys ever get a break?

Personally we think we get asked this question more than your standard parents with 4 children living in a conventional home, but to be honest- we don’t mind.

It’s hard for people, who haven’t been there and done that, to understand how two parents can spend almost all their time together, with their four children, and still enjoy themselves. We’re not judging! We promise. We get it! Really we do.

We used to be those people. You know the ones that say “OMG! How can you homeschool?” “Oh No! We’ll pass on tent camping for a week. That’s not our idea of fun!”. Yep! That was us.

But fast-forward 3 years and here we are. Living in a tiny RV with our 4 kiddos, their pup Mini and we love it.

Obviously, having a few minutes to clear your head and get your thoughts together is golden. We knew this when we signed up! We considered the fact, that there wouldn’t be a cup overflowing with serenity and we were fine with that. We’re trying to live life to the fullest here. Quiet time is over rated….

Let me be honest- peace and quiet are two things that are very hard to come by. The twins are pretty wild on their own. Its hard to wrangle 5 year old twins, let alone in an RV, where everything is miniature, making it easily accessible.

Unless its school time or bed time, you can pretty much hear us from outside, if we’re not already out there with you.


It was a hard truth we had to accept. But it’s reality. We have 4 kids, sometimes they want to play louder than we like, and guess what- it gets pretty loud. Sometimes I might even have to Mom talk over their noise- so you might hear that too- just warning you!

So how do we deal with downtime?

After 3 years on the road, I can honestly say…. It’s still an issue. It’s actually not so much of an issue, as it is a trade off. In return for less downtime, we get to spend time with them, learning and discovering new and exciting things.

We handle the situation like other families, I guess:

  • When they get loud we tell them to simmer down.
  • When they get rowdy, we ask them to chillax.
  • When they have a lot of energy, we send them outside to burn it off.
  • When it’s not raining, we send them outside to do homework.
  • We give them chores like walking their dog a minimum of 4 times daily.
  • We make them take the trash out.
  • We buy them nerf toys and send them to play with the neighbors.
  • We give them a bed time, after which we expect quiet.
  • And most importantly, we use the phrase “Because I said so”, so they know we meant it!

When you travel in an RV with four kids, you need to accept the facts that it might be loud, chaotic, unstructured, wild, and spontaneous- but above all its an awesome family adventure you’ll all cherish in years to come.

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