Fall in Love: Mingo Falls, Cherokee NC

Last Spring our family took a trip to the Qualla Indian Reservation, located in Cherokee, NC. The area was our stopping point for a family trip in the Great Smokey Mountains and we plan to return!

Mingo Falls, was recommended as one of the best sightseeing stops for families in the area and since it was just a few minutes from our cabin, we stopped by to see what all the hype was about.


After loading everyone into the car, for the 5-minute drive down the mountain, we parked at the trail entrance and starred at the 150 steps leading to the top of a very steep hill.


Without stretching or even a few sips of water- we began to take each step, one at a time. The kids raced up each one, like they felt nothing in their calf or upper thigh muscles… Antwon & I on the other hand, should have at least stretched. This was no joke! 150 steps, and I was trying to take pictures along the way!


We finally reached the top, and sat down on the only bench, for some rest and recovery, while downing a few bottles of water. The path wasn’t well marked, in fact there was a few downed trees blocking the way. We climbed over and the kids climbed under.


The steam running beside the trail, however, was really peaceful and calming!

Mingo means Big Bear in Cherokee

As we continued to walk, we could hear the flowing water of the 200ft waterfall we would soon lay eyes on. The locals said it was the perfect time to go because it had just rained for several days. They were correct!


When we reached the falls, everyone was quiet for a few moments, which is rare for us. It was breathtaking! One of the tallest water falls in the Southern Appalachians, and here we were- starring right at it!


After taking a few pictures, drinking some more water and talking about our first actual waterfall- looked at each other and realized the only problem now was that we had to walk back down the path and the 150 steps to get to the car for lunch!


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