Lessons learned @ the campground dump station.

I remember this moment like it was just yesterday. So fresh in my memory, I can see the disgusted look on my husband’s face, and the feel my eyes widen as I held in a big laugh. It was the day we used the campground dump station for the first time!

We spent the morning, eating breakfast around an early campfire, allowing the kids to roast their own sausages on long sticks extended over the blazing fames. After everyone was filled to their hearts content, we threw away the little bit of trash we had, and started to pack up and pack down the camper- getting ready to pull out of one of our first campgrounds, on our family road trip.


We’d never actually used the water/sewer hook ups in the camper- as we were rather afraid of having to dump the system and all that that would entail. This time was different, we decide if we were gonna be real campers, we needed to embrace the experience and really teach ourselves how to use this thing.

So we used the bathroom in the camper, we washed the dishes in the sink, as opposed to the outdoor fireside wash station wed used prior, and we skipped the bath houses and used our own shower. These were big moves for us. And once we committed, there was no going back- it was done.

After the camper was ready to be hooked up and moved- we drove over to the campground dump station and parked in front of the cement slab, showcasing a hole in the ground, covered by a rock on top of a plastic cap, and a water hose.


Antwon & I stood there for a moment, starring with intimidation at the set-up, until we snapped back to reality. Then my husband, whipped out his plastic gloves, put them on and took out our sewer hose, before proceeding to hook it up to the tank and place the other end into the ground hole- which he instructed me to hold down with my foot.

Once the hose was in place- he opened the black tank valve and we waited for all of ½ a sec for the action to start. The contents of the tank started flowing through the hose. After a few minutes- patience really isn’t his strong suit, he decided it was best to give the hose a little giggle to help speed things along. As he giggled, and giggled and giggled a little more- the hose must have had enough of his nonsense, because it slipped off leaving him in a panic, trying to get it back on, while it was still draining.

I could barely stand it! This was priceless. Everything was going great, no trouble, but he just couldn’t leave well enough alone. He had to mess with it! And to make the whole thing more laughable- his plastic gloves tore at the exact same moment the hose fell off. So not only was he trying to reconnect the hose- but he was doing it basically bare handed, while sewage spilling all over him. By the look on his face I knew it wasn’t time for pictures- even though it would have priceless.


I left my station, holding the cap to get soap, pin-sol and a spray bottle of bleach. As I fumbled around in the camper cabinet I took a few minutes to laugh about what chaos was happening outside. (Don’t tell Antwon!!) Then I took the supplies outside to help him clean his nasty hands off- and get into another pair of gloves.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad! When the whole thing was said and done, we cleaned up our mess with the water hose, cleaned out our sewer hose and disinfected it with bleach and of course scrubbed Antwon’s hands again with the assortment of cleaners I grabbed from inside…

Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way to really get the point. This of course is one of those lessons you only need to learn once, to know not to let it happen again!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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