5 Safe Travel Tips for Your Next Road Trip to North Carolina

The car is pack, the route is planned and everyone’s all ready to go- your weekend road trip is about to begin. Not so fast eager beaver- before you hit the road, make sure you know the laws of land so you can stay safe and avoid unnecessary traffic stops, delaying your fun. North Carolina is an awesome state to visit with over 40 State Parks, scenic train rides, mountain zip lines, and outdoor activities for all types.

Here are 5 safe Travel Tips for your next road trip to North Carolina:

  1. Your group text to your sister and your high school best friend will have to wait until after you arrive- there is no texting while driving in the state of NC. That means both reading and writing text, and yes that includes emails, is a big No No!
  2. Children under the big kid age of 8, will still need a car seat, if they are under 80 pounds! Ouch!!! I know from personal experience how hard it is to explain this one to a small traveler who’s not used to having to sit in a booster seat. Just let them know it’s not forever, just while you’re here, and to look at the bright side- they can see through the front windshield more easily!
  3. Buckle up, it’s the law! Everyone in the car is required to wear a seat belt, regardless of age or if they’re sitting in the front or the back of the vehicle. Stay safe and strap in!
  4. Right turns on red are legal as long as you stop your vehicle completely first and make sure there are no signs posted stating the opposite. So make sure to come to a complete stop at each red light, check for signs then do as appropriate.
  5. Move over one lane for emergency vehicles stopped on the shoulder. This also applies to tow trucks and workers with flashing lights. If you can’t move over, make sure to slow down! Keeping local heroes safe, is a big deal, as it should be!

FYI #1: If your trip includes a ferry ride- all the ferries in North Carolina can accommodate any size vehicle, RVs included, that is legal to operate on the highway.

FYI #2: The welcome centers in North Carolina are open daily from 8am-5pm, with the exception of Christmas, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day. But the rest areas are always open 365 days a year 24 hours a day!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures

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