Camperforce Thanksgiving Around the Fire

Traditional Thanksgiving meals with family and friends can be holiday traditions that everyone looks forward to or sometime ones that we take for granted. Sitting around a warm fire inside your mother’s living room with all your siblings, kids, and extended family waiting patiently for the final fixings to be plaid out on the table, are things we can easily overlook. So after you’ve made the leap from brick and mortar to tin can on wheels- you might find yourself thinking… “What will we do for the holidays?”

This has been our exact thought every Thanksgiving from 2013 going forward, mostly the two times we worked for Camperforce. Both times we knew we would have to make do with whatever we could throw together around the campground- but to be honest it was something we didn’t exactly plan for.

In 2013 we completely winged it, as we did everything else. We stuck to whatever we had inside the camper as our menu and ended up having fajitas with macaroni and cheese, because that’s what the ingredients we had on hand and I was too tired to go grocery shopping. While it wasn’t the most thoughtful of all Thanksgiving meals, we were still thankful and had a great time none the less.

In 2015, things were a little different! We had fellow campers who wanted to share a meal around the campfire. We all contributed to the feast- and ended up with a campfire roast turkey, honey baked ham, sides and 2 kinds of pie. As you looked around the campground- you could see different ‘Thanksgiving Feasts’ popping up all over the place. One around the campfire, one with other families, one family’s private dinner, another for the host…

The kids had a blast then headed down to the playground to play with the other campground kids while the adults enjoyed drinks and chit chat about the start of the craziness happening inside of Amazon’s fulfillment center.

My opinion is- regardless of if you plan the meal or not, Thanksgiving while working at Camperforce can still be quite enjoyable. With so many campers around, and many with families of their own- fellowship and good conversations will not be in short supply.

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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