My Daily Schedule

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a schedule made for just about every aspect of your life.

One for school lessons, one for blogging, one for work, one for meals, shopping and so on and so forth. To be honest, at one point I had a different planner for each ‘category’ of my life and looked like a crazy bag lady- as I toted them around, weighing down my shoulder throughout the day!

Last year at Camperforce- I traded all the madness for one planner and a few printables, to help me keep track of everything without all the baggage!

The Daily Schedule Printable is here to help organize your days while working for Camperforce.

Once the madness starts- time will be ticking and with sore feet, aching muscles and limited hours of free time, you’ll need to utilize each day, hour and minute to make sure you have the best time possible.

The Daily Schedule included in My Guide to Camperforce- offers a simple layout of 2 columns.

  • The left column splits into two- offering a space to detail ‘Time’ and ‘Descriptions’. Breaking your day into segments of 1 hour, 45mins or 30mins and detailing what activity should be completed at each, will assist your family with being productive and organized throughout your days at Amazon.
  • The right column is made up of 5 boxes in various sizes, which can be used for just about any purpose. Call attention to special reminders, bills, calls, emails, or even assign a color to each kids’ daily chores.

I found that making a Daily Schedule for work days and off days was the easiest way to wrap my head around everything I needed and expected to accomplish. I usually only needed 2 main copies- which I kept in the front and back plastic of my 3 ring binder, but when we visited local places like Bardstown- I made an extra Daily Schedule based on what we planned. (I also ended up making quite a few Daily Schedules for a trip to Mammoth Cave- which we never ended up taking… But that’s another story!)

From the kid’s school lessons, to grocery shopping, trips to the library, family time and of course laundry and chores- the Daily Schedule allowed us to see each days ‘to do’ list and mentally check items off as we completed them.

Some days will obviously flow smoother than others, and some days- well they just won’t flow at all. But don’t let them divert your efforts of keeping and running a productive household. Keep planning, organizing and at the end of the day, the week, and the month- you’ll be able to look back on all the things you actually accomplished and feel really great about the experience!

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