Workamping @ Jellystone in Ft. Atkinson Wisconsin

What seemed like the longest road trip ever, and for us it was pretty close, was when we drove from Georgia to Wisconsin.We weren’t pulling a trailer or even driving a motorhome for that matter, so we made good time and completed it in just a few days. The long drive through Illinois was probably the toughest park, as our game of I spy just didn’t keep the kids as busy as we planned.

The Park

A massive property with just under 600 campsites this was a site to be seen. Although we did our homework online, prior to arrival, we still were impressed by the size of this beautiful park. Driving through the entrance with a big Yogi Bear sign welcoming us on the left, the kids were filled with excitement and could hardly contain themselves. After checking in we drove around for a tour. Basketball, RC track, multiple playground, a tire obstacle course, ball field, 2 pools, activity center… the list literally goes on and on.

The Staff

We loved the staff. The General Manager was as sweet and helpful as she could be. Kindhearted and well informed. The owner was amazing as well, a laid back guy who loves his property and puts as much into it as possible. Extended kind words, helpful gestures and even provided us with onsite housing for the season. Smiling Workampers® mixed well with permanent employees and seasonal kids from the local community.

The Job

Antwon was hired as the new Store Inventory Manager, meaning he would revamp the  campground store with a fresh perspective. With his background in retail he absolutely fell right in and hit the ground running with display after captivating display to help push store sales and maximize profits. He worked weekday mornings to order products, stock the store, manage the inventory, and create the new displays for the themed weekends.

I was hired as the new Recreation Director. Building the recreation calendar from April through October with fresh, fun ideas to engage not only weekend campers but also the seasonals was my job. I had a team of more than 15 local kids that loved their jobs and made the whole process easier, as most needed little direction and could complete the activities without guidance. Because the campground did have a large amount of long term seasonal guests, large scale events, big parties, fundraisers and tournaments were very popular!!!

The Scoop

Probably one of the best summers we’ve had. Everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Antwon made sure the kids had a great time every weekend and showed up to at least 70% of all my events and activities, which made working every weekend a little easier for me. My hours were long and I also worked from home to keep up with the work, but I also was able to bring the kids to the Activity Center before the season officially started to help me make examples, try new game ideas and straighten up the storage area.

The park has a lot of seasonals, but it works well. Instead of taking away from the vacation vibe, weekenders are seeking, they add to it by actively participating in activities, which ultimately made them more fun. Our campsite was just a few sites away from the major amenity area, so the kids could easily walk over, while Antwon & I sat at the campfire on our site- or played bags close by. The Weather was perfect- except one day when the sky turned black- a tornado didn’t actually touch down, but it was enough to scare the crap out of us!


I do recommend this park to other workampers! They are very welcoming, work to accommodate many different work arrangements such as schedules, arrival and departure dates, and are family friendly. Every hour was paid and an end of the season bonus was based on performance. The season we completed, they offered seasonal employment in Housekeeping, Front office, Maintenance, Activities, and the Cafe. Contact the park directly Jellystone of Fort Atkinson, WI to see if they have open spots for the next season!- you won;t be sorry!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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