Using the Camperforce Meal Plans

As you may already know, Meal planning saved my life while working at Amazon in 2015. After such a hard and exhausting experience trying to plan, shop for and prepare meal during our first run in 2013- we learned a lesson and came back with meal plans for each week pre-made and ready to go.

This, my dear friend is a priceless piece of information for any family, couple or single traveler planning on working the Camperforce program this season! If you can come prepared with your meals already planned out- you’ll save countless hours and just as many headaches- by doing all the hard work ahead of time.

Have you ever used a meal plan before?

Many people have already used meal plans in their daily lives to save money and time by planning their meals on a weekly or monthly basis, but if you haven’t its not too late to learn the ropes! Meal plans are easy to use and easy to create. They’ll save you time and money in the long run, and make weekly preparation easy peasy, lemon squeezy! On each plan, you can clearly see what meals you’ll have to make, what ingredients you’ll need and plan which methods will be easiest to prepare them.

Meal Planning 101:

We try to make it as easy as possible. Meal planning should be easy- and with our plans, you’ll only have 5 ingredients or less for each recipe, so simplicity is a main factor. There are 3 simple ways to cook ever meal on our plans

  1. Crock Pot- combine ingredients with your desired seasonings and toss them into a crock pot set to High for 4 hours or Low for 8.
  2. Foil- Bake meals using foil packets inside your oven or on the campfire for tasty simple meals with no mess. You can also spread foil on pans and bake/roast specific recipes if desired.
  3. Combine/Compile- either combine ingredients to make meals like salad or compile them to create delicious sandwiches, and snacks like Ants on a Log.


Simple print our meal plans, or use the blank template to create your own. Laminate or insert into plastic sleeves to keep from being torn or stained and insert into a 3 prong folder or ½ inch 3-ring binder for easy storage. Arrange them in the order you plan to use them, and when the week arrives- simply take the meal plan to the store as your shopping list or write your needed items on the Shopping & Errand list, which is organized by category for easy shopping.

That’s it! You’re all planned and prepared and hopefully you have an easy schedule to follow during the craziness that is… Amazon Camperforce!

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