Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Even if the kids can’t remember one thing from all this travel, I will still feel as if it was the right thing to do, and totally worth every moment and every penny. Traveling with children is hard. Camping with children is hard. And RVing full-time with 4 kids, is really hard. Each and every moment has the opportunity to be great or really awful. A split second, a wrong word, a move in the other direction can turn your fun family moment into one for the record books of top 10 meltdowns of all-time.

When I’m faced with a questioning family member or even a new neighbor, on the topics of why we’ve chosen to live this lifestyle, I usually give a textbook response. Something along the lines of it works for us, because even though we’re an ordinary family, we longed for an extraordinary life. Or maybe something about being out of the box type folks, and needing something besides the stick and mortar home to wake up to each day.

But sometimes, you’re faced with someone so vocal. So annoying. And so set on the idea that this whole adventure is worthless- because our kids are too young to appreciate it- it makes you think, and possibly say things a southern girl just shouldn’t.

As if! Why wouldn’t they remember it? It’s their childhood-

Do you not remember your childhood? I sure do. I mean it’s not crystal clear- but everyone has memories form younger years they hold true and cherish. So why would traveling children be any different? Maybe they won’t remember the names of each city, each landmark, and each attraction we’ve visited- but that’s really not the important part, now is it?

The experiences they’ve had will shape their minds, personalities and character as they grow. That’s the real point. Teaching lessons from experiences that shape the child into a kind, loving, smart and talented adult. One that can think freely, make decisions on their own and find solutions to issues that arise in their daily lives without cowering in the dark. That’s the real point.

Well rounded-global citizens!

But- Some people are set on their opinions and there’s just no amount of talking that can convince them otherwise. For those people, we wish the best. But please avoid our campsite, if you don’t mind!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-Sharee Signature

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