Pre-Trip Trails 4 Stress Free Camping

Does your camper might sit parked during the Winter, while you visit with family or what about just while you’re workamping for a season. If so, you might want to plan a Pre-Trip Trial, prior to embarking on your long journey back home or to your new Spring/Summer destinations.

After sitting for months, your camper will need a ‘wake-up call’ to get back into the swing of things, and you might need one as well. The winters especially,  can be cold and damp, so preparing to travel for another great year of exciting road trips, should be handled with some precautions.

We recommend an easy 3 Step Pre-Trip Trail

First you’ll want to do an in-depth inspection of your unit, checking for any maintenance issues that should be addressed. Even if their small, you should think twice before scratching them off your ‘to do’ list, in case they get worse. For the most part, you know your RV, and like many RVers- you take extra care in the overall maintenance and care of your home/vehicle. But small projects still pop up, and when they do, you’ll want to go ahead and address them before taking a long trip.

Second, you’ll want to test each of your systems and make sure they’re in working condition. You may not have used your AC units all Winter, but a hot day on the beach in Texas, would not be the ideal time to find out they don’t work. Test each system, including your generator and any solar operated units, and make you have everything you need, for the upcoming season… or two. It also wouldn’t be fun to go on a boondocking trip- to realize your solar panels were damaged. Just check your systems before heading out and avoid the stress of dealing with it while in route!

Lastly, you need to do some Spring cleaning! Accumulation of junk, is easy to accomplish. Take a few days to go through each of your storage areas, your closets, and your cabinets to make sure you have what you need and get rid of any clutter. We always need to downsize! It’s like a never-ending process. Toys, Clothes, Shoes, and just general crap seems to find its way inside the camper and into any space that’s free. Personally, I like to use the big contractor bags! When I bring these babies out- the whole family starts to grab their treasures and keeps them close by!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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