Lessons to Learn @ the Lincoln Memorial

We trekked up the stairs and stood in the same spot where Martin Luther King gave his “I Have a Dream Speech” in 1963. This was a memory we needed to cherish.

For most people coming to the Lincoln Memorial is about seeing the statue and taking pictures. For us it was the same- but with a twist. We’re trying to instill gratitude into the hearts of our children and while visiting Washington D.C recently we thought it was the perfect time.  We should all be grateful for what we have and what we’ve been able to accomplish in our lives. We should also acknowledge the great people who lived before us and paved a way.

So we stood there, surrounded by tourist both national and international and took a moment to admire how far we’ve come as a country, while looking at the Washington Monument in the distance, then thinking how far we’ll still need to go!

The Lincoln Memorial was just as we expected. Crowded with eager tourists ready to snap each and every picture, kids looking down at their pennies and $5 bills, checking to see if the same face really is there.  Parents reading Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address and the Gettysburg Address from the surrounding walls. And small children counting the 36 Columns, the names of the 48 states of the union.

We were no different. We took our pictures, we counted the columns, read the names of the states and the word of two of the greatest speeches ever written- it was a unique and heartwarming experience- one free of the usual entertainment options, and to our surprise the kids genuinely enjoyed it. (It always surprises us, when the kids enjoy learning through experiences- because to be honest, we’re still new at it!)

We slipped into the bookstore, and when we realized it really was barely big enough for our family, Antwon took the kids back out while I picked up a few books (for book reports on Lincoln, Obama, & Harriet Tubman) and the Kids Passport books to the National Parks.

Safe Travels & many Adventures-

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