4 Downsides to the RV Life

Everyone posts the awesome parts of living full-time on the road, in quirky RV’s and campers all over social media, then sit back and watch the likes start to add up. But what most of us never share, or rarely share are the less than desirable moments and tales from the road.

I wouldn’t say we’re being ‘one-sided’, but let’s be real if most of your days are pleasurable and full on fun, wouldn’t you choose to share those moments, over the pictures of your twins in a down right brawl in the middle of the campground playground? Of course. Some moments you just have to be in the right place at the right time to experience- I’m not going to tell every tale.

But there’s no doubt about it, RVing constantly has its ups and downs. People who are looking to either start their adventures or just like to follow along on the wild rides of others, still want to know how the bad days go. They want the full story.

Here are some of our personal downsides to living in an RV fulltime:

  1. Costs can fluctuate from day to day:

As you can imagine, the cost from one campground or RV park will vary from one place to another. If your wanderlust brings you to an area with only one or two options and their holding the market hostage at 85.00 per night without wifi, then that’s what you’ll have to pay. Costs will fluctuate day to day and this can kill your budget if you’re not careful and plan for stops ahead of time.

  1. You appear to be on vacation full-time:

Your family, your friends and this wild society we live in- will likely view your adventurous life as some type of extended vacation from reality. Most have not figured it out yet, but full-timers aren’t necessarily living a tourist life. Okay- well not every day, at least! We do our fair share of touring new cities but life isn’t always a vacation. We have to work to keep this train moving. If we didn’t you’d see a lot more Instagram’n going on- because that would be awesome!

  1. RV home maintenance and management:

Just because you live in an RV doesn’t mean you won’t have ‘home maintenance’. This is continuous, because you’re living in a vehicle that moves your home constantly. You have to keep up with tire pressure, knowing your total weight, maintaining you towing structures, your roof, your tanks, and your systems inside the rig. Managing all your maintenance jobs will keep your RV in tip top shape.

  1. Balancing your life with work:

If you have a large trust fund, are retired, or just made wise business decisions to where you no longer need to earn an income- just skip this section. Everyone else, especially young full-tiers, read on. Making an income on the road can take several different forms, from campground jobs to working online, but all will require you to figure out your perfect work – life balance. How much work is too much? How much is too little? Should you work during the days or just at night? Figuring out this critical part of living on the orad in your rv is a big deal. It will shape your adventures, your days and your life in many ways.

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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