Are You Ready for Family Travel

Did somebody say extended travel? This is a pivotal point in your family’s life- you’re prepping for the day you’ll pack it all up and call it quits on the mundane to do something adventurous and exciting…

6 Tips to Ensure You’re Ready for Family Travel

You’ve been planning a full-time family trip- but fear of stress and anxiety have you second thinking the whole adventure. Instead of tossing out your itinerary, try these 6 helpful tips to ensure you’re ready for family travel.

Bed Time Stories:

While you’re planning this incredible experience, make an extra effort to include the kids. You can easily do this by walking them through the trip with bed time stories each night. Choose a destination, a country, or maybe a landmark to base your story off, then just tell them all about it! How will your family get there? What will you do and see? Where will you stay? Give them vivid details- to paint a visual picture they can dream of!

Boredom Busters:

Regardless of how you plan to travel, kids will eventually get bored and restless. Plan ahead for moments like these and be prepared with distractions and goodies when they do. Packing a ‘carry-on’ bag for each child filled with their favorite toys and maybe several new ones- will help keep them entertained when the classic game of “I Spy’ gets old.

Plan it Out:

Traveling with kids in tow is much different than without them. Hopping around the multiple cities or even countries in one day will take planning and preparation. Make sure to plan your trip! Knowing your stops, overnight accommodations, and how you’ll travel to and from, will alleviate stress and make your family trip run smoothly. Try making an itinerary for each day, then make a few alternatives in case you need a plan B.

Snack Packs:

Kids will need a few snacks to keep their energy up throughout the day and full in between meals. Having a few snacks for the kids to munch on while waiting in line for attractions, or after taking a long tour can be a real life saver. Healthy snack packs of trail mix, dried fruit, and granola bars are easy fixes and store easily in bags and backpacks.

Extra! Extra!

You now the kids will need extra tie for everything! They walk slow, they eat slow, they read the information at the exhibits slow. So just do yourself a big favor and plan in advance for extra time so you don’t end up rushing them. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be… rushing the kids through the whole day to keep a schedule you could have just built around them in the first place?

Daily Routines:

At home you have a routine. Even if you think you don’t, you probably do. Your family likely eats and sleeps around the same time every day. It makes perfect sense to stick to this same schedule when you’re traveling with kids. Traveling for a big extended trip is already an adventure- don’t add to it by changing their routine. Plan around your meals, and bed time to avoid any major ‘shock’ to their schedules.

 Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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