Rainy Day Roadschooling: 4 Must Have Items

Roadschooling your kids while you travel fulltime can offer a ‘world’ of outdoor learning opportunities. But what ways can families continue their learning, when the weather traps them inside all day, where they have limited space and supplies?

Good Question

This was a major concern we had, when we packed our RV for the very first time. We knew we had very limited amounts of space to dedicate solely to toys, games, and school supplies, so brainstormed on what was most important to bring.

With 4 children at various ages, we needed items that would keep each entertained and offer educational stimulation of their brains and motor skills. The twins were just three years old, at the time, so motor skills and hand/eye coordination was a big factor for them, while practicing Math, Spelling, Art was our focus for the older girls.

We choose the following 4 items for what they were able to offer each child. As with everything in the RV, items that were able to be used multiple purposes ranked highest on our lists.

Rainy Day Roadschooling: 4 Must Have Items For Your Kids


For the twins we packed puzzles in a variety of sizes, from floor puzzles with extra-large pieces, to educational word game puzzles, where the pieces spell out different sight words. Our older girls love puzzles as well. We picked up puzzles with more pieces, usually at the Dollar Store. We also purchased brain game puzzles where they had to look at a picture and use color pieces to recreate it.

Word Searches:

We usually purchase a word search book for each child. This way they can flip through and complete them one-by-one, and then we replace the book with a new one. Word searches are a great, ‘Quiet time” activity! We love this time of the day! The kids are busy trying to complete their word search the fastest. Their brains are active. And we have anywhere from 30mins to an hour to clear our minds from the usually roar of voices, sounds and other random noises that usually create our brain fog!


Who doesn’t love Legos? We sure do! Legos are perfect for counting, sorting, color identification, and building of course. Our kids enjoy creative play, where they create their own villages, RVs, animals, and just about anything you can think of. But they also love following the instructions you can find online, in books and in the guides provided by special Lego themed packs, to recreate the designs they’ve seen on store shelves.


Playing with Playdough is perfect for helping the little ones to develop their hand muscles. Creating masterpieces, they’ve planned in their heads or even things they’ve see throughout the day, encourages them to concentrate, expanding their attention span, and improve their hand eye coordination.

These are just a few of the ways we keep the kids learning through play, on rainy days while we’re traveling. Sometimes it could be a day full of reading out loud, board games, cards & coloring. Whatever it is we choose to do, we make sure to include everyone-

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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