Caveman Vocab Lesson #3

Here are a few Campfire Caveman Vocab Terms, every grill master should know…

Your Steak is Done


Red and bloody. This is the true caveman way, but honestly I can’t even stomach to watch it be eaten this way.

Medium Rare-

Bright pink in the center and all blood has disappeared. More palatable than it draining all over you plate.


Light pink in the center. The steak will be steam hot and still moist and tender to eat.

Medium Well-

All the pink has gone, but the tender juicy steak remains. This is how we prefer our steak, but some think we’ve cooked it too long.

Well Done-

A bit tough to eat, juices and pink color are all gone and it’s close to being burnt.


Talk about tough, this piece is uneatable and will likely take you some serious time to chew if you decide to give it a try!

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