Water Safety 101: Our Family Rules

Water safety is a big concern when you have children, and the more children you have, the bigger the concern becomes. Trying to keep an eye on 4 little one’s around even a small body of water- always fills my mind with a certain level of anxiety.

We’ve come up with a really simple ‘water safety class’ for our kids, that each one must pass before being allowed to complete water activities. In this 15 minute class we typically have on our way to the water activity, we discuss Our 5 Family Water Safety Rules, Water Safety 101, and any specific things that everyone should be prepared for in regards to that day’s activities.

Water Safety 101:

1.    Bad Weather:

Keep an eye on the sky. The weather can change quickly and without much notice. If you hear thunder or see lightening- it’s definitely time to go. Why? Because Mom & Dad said so! When we say it’s time to get out… You already know why!

2.    Calling for Help:

If you need help and cannot make it back to the side of the pool or out of the water- signal someone immediately by yelling “HELP!” and waiving your hands in the air outside of the water. Never pretend to be in danger. Someone might come this time, but they might not come when you really need them. Pretending to be in the danger is punishable by up to 15 minutes of quiet time!

Our Family Water Safety Rules:

1.    Respect the water:

Water is fun. But it can also be dangerous. It only take a little bit of water to get hurt.

2.    Wear a float:

If you are not a strong swimmer, a life vest or arm floats is always required.

3.    Stay hydrated:

Drink plenty of water before, after and during your time in and around water.

4.    Watch your buddy:

Look out for your buddy and your buddy will look out for you!

5.    No horse-playing:

Someone always hurt when we horse play. So don’t do it around water!


Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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