How to Entertain Your Kids on a Plane

The day we realized we would have to fly to Cincinnati, for a Jellystone Park Management Training C.A.M.P. was the same day we realized we had never been on a plane with our kids before.

How do you keep kids entertained on an airplane?

Our kids are usually very well behaved. With that in mind, we knew asking them to sit in one chair for 2 hours with a flip down trey within arm’s reach- was asking too much! I started searching Pinterest for ideas on how I could keep all the kids busy while on the plane.

I pulled up a ton of ideas- but the one common factor seemed to be making sure they brought a personal ‘carry on’ filled with their own treasures, along with them. This was the best tip we could have received! It worked so well, we’d like to pass it along!

 If you have small children, and you need to take a plane to your destination…

make sure to bring a personal ‘carry on’ for each child!

We started packing their ‘carry on’ bags about 1 week prior to our departure. We gathered and prepared travel packets with crayons, pens, and markers. We purchased a new mini notebook for them to color and draw in. We searched the clearance racks at the local Target store to find fun things to keep them busy, window stickers, bead sets, tiny wooden cars…. We packed all the travel packs in their bags and then the day before we left, we added their snacks.

While on the plane- the kids really kept themselves busy. The used the travel packs to entertain themselves with coloring and games like hangman. They create scenes on the windows and their treys with the removable jelly stickers we found on sale. They were perfect!

#1 Travel Tips we’d like to pass along…

Bring a carry-on bag and fill it up!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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