Campfire Caveman Vocab Lesson #2

Here are a few Campfire Caveman Vocab Terms, every grill master should know.

Types of Chicken:


the smallest type of chicken, usually under 2 pounds. Not just for broiling!


Between 2-3½ pounds and can be prepared any way you see fit!


Weighing between 3-5 pounds and may need a little tenderizing prior to cooking, to make sure they aren’t tough.


Same size as a Roaster- but these all male neutered chickens, are guaranteed to have tender white meat!

Squab Chicken-

a young chicken (commonly called a spring chicken)


Kind of like the veal of the chicken industry. Slaughter around 6 weeks of age- they are young and tender (but sad).

Cornish Game Hen-

Sub-breed of chicken, which is very small. Usually consumed by one person, they flavor is rich and tasty.’

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