Vacation to Gift Wrap

During my first stint with Camperforce in 2013, I really needed a break from walking through the warehouse. My feet were constantly hurting and I was pretty much a slow snail 50% of the time. When the opportunity to switch to gift wrap, presented itself, I eagerly accepted and tried to contain myself from skipping to my new department.

Folding boxes, wrapping customer gifts, and making sure they exited the building with enough cello to keep from being tossed around too much on their journey to the receiver- was a welcome change. Coming from the largest department in the building to probably the smallest, with just a handful of employees- I accepted the chance to take it light.

I met more interesting people, and this time, I could stand and talk as much as my heart desired. Totally different from Picking- where you can only slip in a short convo here and there, in Gift Wrap, you could talk and chat as much as you wanted as long as your hands kept moving! After walk for weeks and weeks, it really felt like a vacation- and the painted wall on the rear of the department, even had a beach themed mural… go figure!

I talked a little bit about this in my New Camperforce Ebook- where I gave the details on each position usually staffed inside the Camperforce Program and options for switching up the monotony of doing the same thing for the entire time.

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