$5 Gift Card Meltdown

By the way these people were acting, you would have thought it was the apocalypse. Needless to say it wasn’t, the issue at hand was quite small compared to the end of the world, but the attitudes of the masses was what I imagine to be similar… The problem was a miscommunication about a $5 gift card.

I know. I know. It’s crazy! But it really happened.

As I walked up and down the clothing aisles at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center, picking Hanes underwear and plus size bras, the workers were dragging their feet and complaining just about every other step they took. Yesterday a competition was started among the picking department- stating that whoever beet the best pick times of the prior day’s top associate- they would receive a prize for their hard work. By prize- everyone assumed this was a gift card, as they are usually the prize awarded for almost everything.

When the day came only 3 gift cards were passed out. This is when the crazy started…

As the morning meeting broke up, and Pickers were sent out with their scanners, many were just working. Many in fact, were doing nothing more than standing in the aisles talking about why they hadn’t received their gift cards.

As it turned out- there was an undisclosed catch.  Only certain picks would count towards the total- and workers were not happy with the miscommunication.

After many revisions, the Manager over the Picking department righted the wrong, and delivered on her promise by providing everyone with top picks the cards. She apologized for the miscommunication and vowed in the future to be more specific when launching a department competition, to avoid future issues.

After lunch, when gift cards were in the hands of the masses. Production times picked up and workers went along with their days as if nothing ever happened…

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