Red Pants Scandal

Walking along, picking up an item here and another item there– I saw a member of the HR Staff walking quite quickly in my direction. Totally unaware that this was not a social call, I greeted her and started chit chatting about random topics—before hearing her say

“Mrs. Collier! I couldn’t wait to come over here and see you. I got a call that you were wearing some see-through pants– and I just had to see it for myself!”

As I stood there totally mortified, I started to laugh. See-through pants? Yeah right! I had on a pair of red leggings, but they were not see-through. They actually had a fleece liner– because it was like 30° outside. We had a quick laugh about the issue– she agreed the call was bogus and I went on with the rest of my day.

While the call may have been bogus, I still ended up having a more detailed discussion in both the HR Manager and GM’s office before the week was over.

Apparently it was quite the scandal to wear red leggings in a warehouse!

I didn’t see the big deal though. Everyone wore leggings. After all we were walking upwards of 10 miles per day– why would you wear jeans? I never exercise in jeans and this (to me) was no different.

Throughout the rest of the season, I received many lighthearted comments regarding these pants and in 2015 it was brought to my attention that this is actually now an example story they use during orientation to discuss dress code.

Word to the wise- make it easy on yourself and choose to wear yoga pants instead of leggings. They’re still really comfy and you’ll likely avoid any wild remarks about them being see through or inappropriate!

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