Campfire Caveman Vocabulary Lesson 1

Here are a few Campfire Caveman Vocab Terms, every grill master should know.


Describes the act of cooking food over a hot fire for a short period of time, ideally having beautiful charred grill marks on the outside.


Describes the act of cooking meats for a longer period of time over a hot flame, usually with the iconic barbecue sauce.


Describes the act of slowly cooking meats for long, extended periods of time to infuse a smoky flavor.

Fire Ring:

Designated campfire spot, at most campgrounds, enclosed by a metal ring which usually has a grid for preparing food.

Fire Starter:

A substance used to help start you fire. Available pre-made in sticks, gels, cups.

Lighter Fluid:

Liquid Fire! Spray on, stick a match and stand back. Viola!


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