Dragging Feet & Hurt Feelings

So it was actually my first full week working at Amazon on the 10 hour schedules. I wasn’t as chipper as the other Camperforce associates, but I wasn’t a total pot of misery, yet!

It was only hour number 8 and my feet were killing me! How could this be happening? I was still in my 20’s, in fairly good physical shape (I mean I wasn’t super overweight…) and still as barely managed to drag my feet from one pick area to the next, I see senior citizens, literally twice my age, zipping right by me.

Caught in their tailwinds, I was now officially miserable!

This was more than miserable. This was downright embarrassing! Let’s compare it to being passed while driving in the HOV lane, by minivan or in this case an RV.

I didn’t understand it! How in the world did these campers have so much energy? How were they so happy, after 10 hours of working in this warehouse? How could they pick their feet up? If I could get that answer- that would have been enough for the day at least!

I wish I could say I found the answer- that someone whispered it to me around the next corner, but no such luck. I basically had this miserable experience, for the next month until leaving Camperforce right before Christmas! When I left the building for the last time, I jumped in the air clicking my heels with joy, as I thought I would never return to this miserable experience ever again!

Fast forward 2 years later- and I was back! Back to conquer this dragon called Camperforce with a smile! I signed up for the same job, same shift and this time for twice as long! The only difference is I had found the answer to those cheerful campers secret- they were prepared!

So I came prepared. I knew what to expect and I expected the worse. I planned my days, the days for the kids and for my husband who worked the overnights. We had meal plans, schedules, shopping lists, and fun activities planned around the area.

This time would be different. This time we would beat Camperforce- it wouldn’t beat us!

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