Give Your Campfire Caveman Some Space

Pick any weekend during the camping season and you’ll find smoke signals rising from designated fire rings throughout the campground. These are the markings of a Campfire Caveman…

They plan their mental menus, some might even write them down with a shopping list, and they send the wives to the grocery store to pick up the supplies. They send texts, while we’re out, after they’ve had a so called ‘epiphany’ and realized their list of must have items just got longer.

A Campfire Caveman, might start his fire in the morning and keep it going until the after the meal is done. He might stand guard over this fire, adding wood pieces strategically- to keep it at the right temperature throughout the day. A fancy Caveman might even add a handful of sage to keep the mosquitos off his arms, legs and forehead.

One cannot underestimate the degree that a Campfire Caveman will go to stay in the outdoors with his beloved fire.

Once the Caveman is satisfied with his wife’s grocery store finds- he starts a Caveman ritual of prepping his station, his meats, and his extras (normal people call these veggies).

Roasting flesh over a hot flame is like a driving a big truck, suv or tricked out sports car, only it’s the Caveman’s way of showing off for family, friends and their surrounding campers. Compared to lavish impulse buys, grabbing high quality grass fed beef seems like a good deal!

The Campfire Caveman knows the exact way he need to position the meat on the racks, the exact internal temperature for each meat, the taste of each wood he uses and the right time to flip. He can judge all these things with two very important tools- his eyes and his nose.

Give your Campfire Caveman some space, and let him create the magic, the art that we call food. Allow him some alone time, when he gets cranky. Some one on one time when he’s handling his creations. And some family time when it’s all cooked and ready!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures

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