Patience really is a virtue

The ability to wait patiently for something you desire, without getting upset is a very valuable character trait.

Character Traits are great vocab lessons for young children, who need guidance when it comes to what behavior is consider appropriate and what is not. I remember having a character trait of the month when I was in school- and honestly it probably should have been more like ‘of the week’ because we could have learned so much more- but anyway, it was helpful so I like to do it with my kiddos  in our Roadschool, just more in depth.

This week our character trait will be patience.

As a mother of four, two of which are rambunctious 5 year old twins, I could use a lesson in this trait myself. Sometimes I’m full of patience and other times I can find an ounce of it anywhere.

There are many time each day when our patience is being tested- and for some, myself included these times can be the most trying.

Here are some examples of us using our patience:

Patiently waiting for your turn in the bathroom.

Patiently waiting for you breakfast to be ready.

Being patient while your sister catches up on her bicycle.

Patiently waiting for your turn on the slide.

Patiently waiting for your dog to use the bathroom, on your second trip around the campground.

Patiently waiting in line, to buy your tickets at the Museum.

Patiently wait for your beautiful painting to dry.

Patiently waiting for the kids to get dressed so we can go grocery shopping.

Patiently waiting for our electronics to charge.

Patiently explaining today’s lesson.

Being patient as you reinforce today’s lessons.

Patiently teaching someone to write letters & numbers.


Patience really is a virtue!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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