Its all about the Skewers

Choose from metal or bamboo, in various sizes to make all your shish kebob recipes come to life. You can create thousands of recipe combinations using these easy little helpers, and they make food easy to handle.

*Tip #1: Bamboo Skewers should be soaked for a minimum of 1 hour prior to using them. This will help prevent them from burning and you from creating a mess on your grill with broken charred skewers and loose fixings.

*Tip #2: Metal Skewers will require the use of a grill glove. Even if the handle on the end wasn’t over the flame- it will likely still be scorching hot and unpleasant to handle.

3 Types of Skewers for Your Grilling Creations


Arguably the very first type of skewer created. Easy to pick up at almost any store and can be thrown into the campfire after use. They do burn easily, if not soaked- but for the price you can’t beat it!

Thin Metal:

Reusable form of the bamboo skewer, that comes in many different lengths. Usually a long thin metal rod with a small loop handle at the end.

Two Prong Metal:

Usually made from aluminum, showcasing two fancy prongs with one handle, allowing you better control over food accidentally falling off.

After you’re familiar with these three types of skewers, try throwing this cool little do dad into the mix…

The Shish Kabob Rack:

Usually a set of 6 skewers, generously connected to a central frame. You fill the skewers as usually, then place them back onto the frame. Once they’re ready to flip, turn the whole thing over as a unit and you’re done! Life made easy!


Kabobs are a favorite in our camper! My Campfire Caveman allows the family to create the recipes, most of the time, do all the assembling and then grills them to perfection.


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