Some Kids Just Enjoy Life

Camping life that is! Our kids enjoy the camping life to the fullest. They enjoy traveling from place to place, meeting new people and seeing and doing new things. But it’s more than that-

The kids enjoy the eperiences they’ve had because we live the camping life.

They enjoy staying a an RV Resort that has a farm in the back, where they can meet and feed the animals.

They also enjoy traveling to the beach in our camper, where we can stay so close to the water- you can feel the spray of salty water in your face.

They enjoy traveling to different State Parks, where they’re able to have new experiences like seeing a live aligator in the wild while hiking a trail.

They enjoy staying at campgrounds like Jellystone & KOA where they can play all day and particpate in themed activities with other children their age.

They enjoy collecting suveniers from along the way, regardless of what the object happens to be- they collect them and stash them away in their tricket boxes.

As I said, some kids just enjoy lie. Where ever they are, what ever they’re doing. They enjoy life because they’re actuallt getting to live!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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