Campfire Caveman Finds Self Serve Wood Station

While driving down one of the great back roads of America, my wood crazed husband, had a Campfire Caveman® moment- when he swung our vehicle into the quickest U-turn you’ve ever seen outside of the movie theater- to pull up at nothing less than a Self-Serve Wood Station (half of a pickup truck, loaded with firewood and sign that said “Campfire Wood 5 pieces for $2.)

As the kids and I looked at each other in total disbelief- we were awakened from our mid-afternoon trance, by the sound of Antwon’s door slamming- as he exited the car and ran across the field to make his purchase.

Half laughing and half totally astonished- I apologized to the kids for Dad’s ‘quick thinking’ and made sure they understood this phase would soon pass.

Fast forward 2 years later…

We’re deeper in the phase than we could have ever imagined. I’m personally coming to terms with his love for burning wood at campfires. We now understand this is not a phase. He’s simply a Campfire Caveman®- that we’ve all grown to love.

And it’s really not all that bad! He does create an amazing fire for all sorts of occasions- so you can’t be too upset by this particular fetish.

The kids love to roast marshmallows over Dad’s fire because he gets it the right temperature and height so their arms don’t tire out. And I love his fires too, but not only because they cook his delicious foil packets quickly and tastefully, but also because at 7am when no other campers are outside, let alone thinking about starting a fire- I can sit quietly by the fire my loving husband made for me and drink a warm cup of coffee before the day starts.

Just yesterday, I was sitting around a beautiful campfire, built by yours truly, thinking about this amazing life we’re able to live. I started to think back to those times, not so long ago when life was drastically different and not so much in a good way. Who would have thought by making one big decision, it would change our entire life course and create a new path for us to explore? I would have never foreseen this, but now that it’s our reality, I would never trade any of it…. Not even the crazy antics of my Campfire Caveman®

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