Kid Friendly Car Snacks


To save money, time and from having a meltdown in your backseat- try keeping the kids well occupied and well fed with healthy snack options you’ve planned and brought along for the trip. A well stocked cooler can not only save your family’s budget by avoiding unnecessary splurges at the convenience store prices, but also gives you complete control over your family’s diet.

Just because you’re on a road trip doesn’t mean you have pig out. Smart sensible snacks like apples, grape and cut fruit will give the kids and the adults to energy boost they need without the unwelcome sugar crash, you don’t.

Before heading out, make appoint to plan a few snacks for your trip. Grab a cooler or an insulated cooler bag and make sure to pre-freeze your ice packs or just grab a bag on the way. You’ll need freezer bags in the gallon and quart size along with plastic utensils if you need them.

Make a bag for each person in your family with one snack in each. Bring along a few extras of each, for accidents, extra snack attacks or larger portions.

Here are my top picks for Kid Friendly Snacking while on the Road




Seedless Grapes

Cut Watermelon


Unsalted Pretzels


Home-made Trail Mix (Nuts & Dried Fruit)


Banana Chips

Plantain Chips

Dry Cereal

Apple Sauce


Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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