Introducing the Campfire Caveman

Campfire Cooking is like a rite of passage for the camping family. After you unpack all your supplies inside and out- you set up your camping chairs and watch patiently as your husband attempts to build the perfect fire. You pass him his ‘tools’ and give a few tips (but not too many) while trying to remain helpful and stay out of the way at the same time. Campfire cooking can sometimes seem like more effort than it’s worth- but once you get over the learning curve, most people enjoy the process just as much as the food itself.

My husband loves to cook on the campfire. He almost always has a fire going when the weather is nice and sometimes even when it’s not. At first I thought he was absolutely crazy to find so much pleasure in just burning wood- but I’ve since come to turns with the idea that my husband is actually a Campfire Caveman®.

What is a Campfire Caveman®?

As if you didn’t already know… A Campfire Caveman® is that handsome man that lurks around your campfire. The man that places the pieces of wood just right before calling everyone around to witness the big flame. The man that sends the kids to collect sticks around the campground and then goes back to grab a few himself. You know who I’m talking about! As a matter of fact, he’s probably sitting right next to you!

A Campfire Caveman® is your very own husband.

So how do we wives deal with this super serious pyromaniacs? We smile sweetly and nob politely, when he asks should he add more wood. We bat our eyes and agree that the flavor of pecan wood taste different from the mesquite. We playfully joke about how he insists on collecting ‘leftover’ wood from abandoned campsites. And most of all- we sit by the fire and admire his craftsmanship and applaud him on a job well done!

As a new addition to the MeettheColliers website and Live.Camp.Work. we’ll be featuring a new section dedicated to these awesome men and their quirky campfire addictions. Meal Plans, Recipes, Tip & Tricks as well as everyday stories from the campfire will be posted and published under the link Campfire Caveman®.

Stay tuned as we grow this new, fun and exciting portion of our family adventures.


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