Amazon Camperforce 2013 Days 13-19

Day 13:

Wow! The Colliers have made it to Day 13- and everyone is still on speaking terms!

Take that Nay-Sayers… High Five Guys!

Everyone seems to be settling in, finding their way, if you will!

  • Mom has found a good groove in the kitchen. Dinner hasn’t been as late or skipped and breakfast has been… edible for the most part.
  • Dad has taken the lead on doing educational lessons with the kids during the day (give yourself an extra pat on the back for being awesome!), and he’s figuring out Willie B’s inside electrical wiring- from a diagram he found online!
  • Taniyah and Aiyanna have stopping arguing over who’s hogging the bed, finally packed their cabinets with their school supplies and crafts, and attended their first bonfire!
  • The twins… well they’re still the twins! But who could ask for more? They’re only 3! These two are having a blast. They’re enjoying their ability to head to the park for daily playtime, the many friendly new faces they’re meeting and the ability to reach more than 50% of the items in the RV.

Day 14:

While there’s not much new going on around the Collier’s campsite- there is certainly more than enough to take it’s place at Amazon!

I don’t get it- it’s only week 2. That means Sharee and Antwon have only really been working for like 7 days, if you omit orientation and safety training. So why is Sharee so beat?

Imagine this-

You wake up at about 7am. Your 4 kids are already bright eyed and bushy tailed, wondering why you’re still wiping the sleep out your eyes. You muster the courage to attempt homemade vegan pancakes- because you know they’ll appreciate it, but wait! Something feels weird. You try to walk but your legs won’t move!

‘What’s happening?’ you think to yourself.

Is something wrong? Do I need a doctor? Please- someone help! You look over at your husband, your partner, your rock, pleading for some type of comfort…

And your met with a loud snore!

Oh! Did you forget?

You must have dear! He just got off work at 1:30am- there will be no help from Mr. Collier- not at 7am!

So you bear the pain- you truck right through, and you make the silver dollar goodies they love and sit down at the dinette for a quick ‘sitting snooze’- but just as you close those tired eyes-

BUZZZZ! The alarm starts to sound- yelling at you to get dressed, because your next shift starts in an hour!

Oh! The agony!

Quick make that extra strong cup of Green Tea- and get to moving. Cross off another day on the countdown calendar and be thankful you’re getting paid for this gig!

Amazon in not for the weak…

Walking 5-10 miles a day, may have seemed like a great job when Sharee was just talking about it. But wow- She’ll have to really push herself if she plans to make it through the long haul!

Day 15 & 16:

Today the Collier’s went on a hunt for Knick Knack’s and Bric-a-Brac at the Peddler’s Mall in Campbellsville!

Basically they went to a flea market to see what they could find…

After Breakfast- Antwon mentioned he wanted to go to the Peddler’s Mall to see if they could find some rope lights for under the rig. A fellow camper (Thanks Corey!) gave him a tip about a week ago-

If you put a few rope lights under your rig- the critters will stay away!

What a great piece of information!

With all the skunks around- Antwon knew he would pick up a few on his next day off.

So,while Antwon went to heat the car up- Sharee told the girls to bundle up because they were heading to the flea market with Dad. Aiyanna jumped up right away and began picking out her clothes and getting dressed- but Taniyah looked confused! She quickly asked (with an attitude…)

“But why are we going to a flea market- if we don’t even have a dog?”

Sharee could barely contain herself! This was priceless- and adorable. But what would be the correct response?

Do you laugh, like you really want to- and let her know that what she just said was truly a child’s innocence? Or do you keep it in, tell your husband later tonight, and explain to the child what a flea market is?

Sharee chose the later- finished getting dressed and drove off with the family!

At the Flea Market- there was much to see… Booth after booth of what seemed to be a mix of antiques, cool junk, and just plain old crap you’d find in a hoarders living quarters. This place was…. interesting to say the least!

While they did not see the rope lights, they did find a really cool copper hanging thing- that Sharee plans to incorporate into their Skin-Smoothies display this Winter, and an old Madeline DVD- that was just beggin’ for a new home!

Day 17:

Today was such a relaxing day-

Antwon & Sharee were both off today- and spent the entire day with the kids, doing laundry, running errands, and cleaning the RV. Nothing too major- just the usual ‘Saturday’ type of agenda…

Dad gracefully tackled the laundry, while Mom de-cluttered the rig. The twins gave her a helping hand, as well as played an exciting game of monster truck rally. And Taniyah  Aiyanna completed their lessons then went on to watch Monster’s University, and create a few paper dolls from Taniyah’s very own ‘template’!

So is anything new happening?

Well since you asked- The Collier’s are looking for their next stop on this trip they call life! The original plan was to head back to Florida- finish our their ‘season’ with Skin Smoothies- and then wander the contiguous throughout the Spring and Fall.

While it seems that even though they’ve tried to divert that plan many times, fate is looking in the direction of the Sunshine State! It just makes sense!

The reason- it’s cold! And while they do love camping- camping in freezing temperate is something beyond their current comfort levels! I mean- they’re enjoying Kentucky- but Sharee can’t imagine what real Winter weather would be like! The months of January and February- would be torture if they went any further North- and the West doesn’t seem that much warmer.

So what’s the Plan?

No plan yet! Just a few good ideas-

Stay tuned for the update.

Day 18 & 19:

Such cold weather makes for great

inside play dates!

For the past 2 days the Collier’s have stayed inside for the majority of their day. Not by choice of course, but when life gives them lemons… well, you know the rest!

Staying crammed inside a 20ft tin can on wheels with 4 young kids would slowly drive most people crazy! After all, there is a very limited amount of space, and when kids want to play- they’ll find a way to get it done.

So what did Antwon & Sharee come up with? Mom whips of the crafts- gets the girls occupied with origami, paper dolls, journaling and using a small loom. And Dad picked up a few new movies to keep the day running smoothly into nighttime!

Who doesn’t love a good nighttime movie right?

Gets ‘em every time!

High Five Dad!

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