Amazon Camperforce 2013 Days 7-12

Day 7:

Do you think you will ever live around people again?

While chatting with her mother-in-law via Facebook this evening- Sharee was confronted with yet another question regarding her family’s recent decision to pack it all up and live on the road…

“We live around people!” Sharee replied

So, to clear it up, once and for all! The Colliers are not off grid!

They use electricity, they use the internet, cell phones, Skype and even Facebook on occasion. They blog- hello! They’re just doing so, from the comforts of the home on wheels! Instead of being in one fixed location they’re trying out a few new ones! I mean really- It’s quite far from living a secluded self-reliant lifestyle off the grid somewhere in Alaska! (They’re 6 hours north of where they both went to high school!)

Let’s not be dramatic- they’re just RVing!

Day 8:

It was finally Friday and the Collier’s were glad to see it come! The week had been long and full of new and exciting things but a long weekend was truly welcome!

Antwon & Sharee have finished their first week at Amazon- and what a week it was! From orientation to actually fulfilling live orders- the Collier’s had come so far in such a short amount of time! 6 weeks, just turned into 5… And time seemed to be flying by!

Around the campsite- things were progressing as well! The family had learned so much about their new home:

  1. When plugging in for the first time- check for old adapters!
  2. Honey Wagons Service- means someone will pump the dump for you!
  3. BEWARE: Skunks look like cats in the dark!

Slowly but surely Willie B was starting to really feel like home.

Antwon and Sharee have the next four days off- so the family is planning to do some hiking, deer watching, and possibly go to the Dam for a picnic.

Day 9:

It’s beautiful how being alone in nature with only your closest family members can make such gorgeous memories.

The Collier Family went for a hike today! Yeah a hike!

They packed a few bottles of water, some snacks, a first aid kit and a flashlight in a backpack- and geared up for what should have been an easy 1 mile loop!

Needless to say, that’s not how it went!

Here’s how the hike really happened!

The Colliers picked out an easy 1 mile loop trail on the map given to them by the Campground staff and figured this would be a great outdoor activity that everyone would enjoy! When they used their rusty map skills to locate the start at the campground- it just didn’t seem to be there!

No markers. No pushed aside leaves- showing others had ventured through! Nothing!

So, they decided an impromptu walk along the park road would have to suffice.

Antwon, Sharee and the kids set off in a hurry! They were anxious to see a few wild deer up close and personal! Growing up in the burbs, you just don’t get these opportunities everyday! Now, What they planned to do when they saw the deer- well, your guess is as good as mine! But they were determined to find some!

And they did! Antwon pointed out a group of about 5-6 deer sprinting across the park road- just 30minutes into their hike!  The kids were truly ecstatic, Sharee was terrified speechless, and the grin on Dad’s face- read proud!

I guess you can count this hike as a success!

The Collier family spent the remainder of their hiking trip enjoying the views, taking pictures and trying to figure out where the trail markers were!        

Day 10:

Tornado Warnings are scary inside a brick and mortar home- but have you ever experienced one while living in an RV?

Thanks to the Tornado warnings traveling throughout the mid-west today, the Collier’s are lucky enough to have survived and conquered their first tornado warning!

Day 11:

So what did you guys do today?

After such a horrible spell of weather- the crew really needed some outside time. Yesterday was the first day they were forced to actually stay in the RV all day- and in 21ft, you can just about forget about claiming personal space…. especially with 4 kids!

So, Antwon & Sharee drove over to a park at Green River- and let the kids scream & play, run & jump, and blow off as much of the energy, they had stored up over the last 24hrs, as possible!

The kids enjoyed themselves and Mom & Dad had a great time as well-

Day 12:

After being given an awesome tip (Thanks Arline!) about a museum that was worth visiting- The Colliers headed over to the US Corps Visitor Center, where the Atkinson Griffin Log House now sits!

The Atkinson-Griffin Log House was used during the Civil War as a hospital-This place is seriously awesome-and the whole family truly enjoyed themselves!

At first Mom & Dad- thought it would be a boring educational experience, where everyone would pass along a few yawns- while trying desperately not to be the first to ask if it was time to leave…. But to their surprise this cozy cottage, with only 2 rooms up and 2 rooms down- kept their family’s attention for over 2 hours!

That’s a long time- when you take into consideration all their children are under the age of 10!

The first attention grabber is the huge diorama in the center of the first downstairs room. Every detail will have kids and adults talking about what happened on the battle field centuries ago! Antwon II was glued to the table and asked about a million questions, ranging from “what’s that? to  “Where’s his legs?”. You could do a whole history lesson on this exhibit alone!

Next up was the Union Soldier memorabilia. Aiyanna thought the head on the floor was super creepy- but after she convinced herself it was just a prop- and hadn’t been chopped off the mannequin to the right-she was okay!

Antwon was the narrator for this lesson- he answered pretty much all of the kids questions. Gave them background information on what took place and why! He read excerpts from the historical data on the walls- like the one below featuring a Reward for General Monroe-

It was great- Almost like a VIP tour guide!

Sharee’s Favorite Part: While looking inside one of the display books- Antwon & Sharee found an inventory and appraisal of slaves! How crazy is that?

It was well documented and consisted of several pages of names and prices- apparently, it was the personal estate of Joel D. Atkinson.

Upstairs, Taniyah read a sign:

“Bloodstains of confederate wounded remain on the floor”

Right after- she was ready to go! Her and Aiyanna swore they were hearing moans and footsteps!

A little creepy- but very interesting!

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