Amazon Camperforce 2013 Days 1-6

Day 3:

Today is Tiana & Antwon Collier’s 3rd birthday!

How awesome for them to be able to spend it on the road! The Colliers are planning on having a BBQ for their littlest tikes- and some cupcakes with new friends later in the day! There’s not much to do in this little town, so the twins will enjoy a day of fun in the sun- and some extra snuggles and kisses!

Happy Birthday to you…

Happy Birthday to you…

Happy Birthday Tiana & Antwon…

Happy Birthday to you!

Day 4:

Several things happened today in Collier Country:

  • Taniyah had her first allergic reaction (we suspect it was the fluffy cat- she spent some time with) Taniyah had been over at Ronald’s place playing and whatnot- when she broke out in a small rash and her face started to swell! Needless to say, everyone was totally freaked out- but after a quick shot of Benadryl she was back up and running… literally! She was up and down on the scooter and over the park within an hour!
  •  Mom & Dad attended their first day of orientation at Camperforce… Just a quick welcome to the program type of thing- where you watch a few slides about the company- and play a few rounds of amazon bingo….
  • The family had a nasty run in with a swarm of Japanese beetles- who decided their canopy was the perfect spot to setup shop and mate! After Antwon & Sharee returned from orientation- they realized their site had been overrun by Japanese Beatles (orangey-yellow ladybug look alikes). They Beetles had surrounded the canopy- so you couldn’t even see the cloth. It was time to relocate! They picked a pretty little spot closer to the beach- with a great view of the dam! It’s really pretty and as soon as they find the camera, you can expect some awesome pictures!

The end of the night was so calm and warm Antwon & Sharee were able to sit outside and enjoy their beautiful surroundings! Seems to good to be true- Antwon claims it was the calm before the storm….

Day 5:

Seems like Dad was right! Last night was the calm before the storm…

While the Collier family slept soundly in their little tin can- there was a storm a brewing outside! First it was dreadfully cold and windy to boot! Then it rained and rained- all through the night. And lastly as the family woke early in the AM they discovered a beautiful fluffy coating of fresh snow covering the ground! The kids were thrilled but way too cold to even think about asking to play in it!

Mom & Day attended their last day of orientation- about 6 hours of old school sexual harassment videos, various keynote speakers and the extremely long and drawn out “Safety School”. I guess when you’ll be working in a huge (1 million sq. foot) warehouse fulfillment center with over 10 miles of mechanical assembly lines- you need to know how to keep safe!

As the snow melted later on in the day- it seemed all the deer were out of hiding and in plain site! The Colliers counted 18 total, before dinner!

Speaking of dinner- tonight’s dinner was a bit delayed…

Sharee was baking a lasagna and potatoes when all the lights inside Willie shut off!

“Babe???” she called.

“What happened?” asked Antwon.

“I don’t know! The power went off!” she replied.

And as Antwon went around checking all the circuit breakers, power plugs, the main power box and then came inside looking confused- he gave her the look…

“What are you doing” he asked.

“???????” now Sharee was confused!

As he looked around at the family- his face showed a mix of emotions. But most of all he was stunned-

Sharee was using the electric oven. Taniyah & Antwon were watching a show on the PC. Aiyanna & Tiana were playing a game on the tablet which was plugged in- due to a dead battery. The heater was going on full blast. The emergency flashlight was charging in the front. And Sharee had the water cooler plugged in- so she could get a cup of hot tea, while dinner cooked!

Sharee and the kids got the hint- after they saw Dad eyeballing every electrical socket visible. They toned down their needs and when the lights came back on- dinner was about an hour delayed. Nobody complained though- they all just enjoyed the extra time to catch up on the events of the day and plan out some things for the next one!

Day 6:

Wow! Time is really flying- can you believe it’s almost been a whole week! The Colliers have been camping for 6 days, so far, and everything has been pretty much normal for them. By normal, one would have to expect ups, downs, and minor slip ups- but nothing too major!

They’ve made a few friends at their campground as well as some of the surrounding. The kids have made some new friends and even had a few play dates. The twins celebrated their third birthday- and those terrible twos are slowing looking like a thing of the past… And the biggie- Mom & Dad have both started their positions at Amazon- and are now working towards the end of the Peak Season!

Let’s talk for a moment about Amazon:

Today was Antwon & Sharee’s real first day… Although it went fairly well, with no complaints of sore feet, back aches or muscle spasms- just the overwhelming feeling of being in this massive warehouse  fulfillment center is enough to make some cringe!

This place is huge! And at Day 1 – very confusing!

It’s like a Mecca of Colored Tape, Conveyor Belts and Handheld Scanners!


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