Welcome to Meet the Colliers, my family’s website for adventures, information, inspiration, and resources for other families who travel. Find out how your family can travel fulltime, through Workamping!

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About Us

Hey! We’re Antwon & Sharee Collier- a husband and wife duo that decided to hit the road fulltime with our kids in 2013. We were stuck in a rut of monotonous life and really needed a change of scenery to get our spunk back. We were sick of living the Standard American Life- so we stopped. We were sick of seeing the same people, day in and day out- so we stopped. We were sick of taking vacations to have a chance to spend time together- so we stopped.

In the beginning, we did what everybody else did. Average Americans. We purchased a home, got married in Jamaica, and started a family. We purchased cars, went to school, and worked fulltime. After a few of life’s unexpected twists and turns- we found ourselves wondering… Is this it? Collectively, we made a huge decision to do something big. We came up with a 3 big ideas: Continue reading “About Us”

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Behind the Scenes

Okay so you stopped by to see what’s going on behind the scenes right? I mean that’s why you clicked on ‘Behind the Scenes’. Well you’re in luck, because you’ve come to the right place.

Usually I would write about why I think my family is so awesome, why we’re totally cool for living this way, and maybe even try to insert a promo link, where I can pick up a few extra cents for making the referral. Today, I’ll skip the usual and just tell you something you haven’t heard before… a brief overview of what you’ll find on Meet the Colliers. Continue reading “Behind the Scenes”

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Contact Us & Say Hi

If you’ve got a question, press inquiry or media request, you can always contact us. Just fill in the contact form below!

In fact, we’d love to talk to you! In an effort to see and do as much as possible we love hearing from folks who have ideas on where to go, products for us to try, places to visit and services to use!  We will personally read every email and will make our best effort to contact you back within 48 -72 hours…

But please remember we’re a traveling family. The goal is to be out doing things and having fun! So if the email comes in after the 72 hour mark, give us a break and smile anyways!

Thanks for stopping by!