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About Us

Hey! We’re Antwon & Sharee Collier- a husband and wife duo that decided to hit the road fulltime with our kids in 2013. We were stuck in a rut of monotonous life and really needed a change of scenery to get our spunk back. We were sick of living the Standard American Life- so we stopped. We were sick of seeing the same people, day in and day out- so we stopped. We were sick of taking vacations to have a chance to spend time together- so we stopped.

In the beginning, we did what everybody else did. Average Americans. We purchased a home, got married in Jamaica, and started a family. We purchased cars, went to school, and worked fulltime. After a few of life’s unexpected twists and turns- we found ourselves wondering… Is this it? Collectively, we made a huge decision to do something big. We came up with a 3 big ideas: Continue reading “About Us”

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Resources for Fellow Travelers

Over the past several years we’ve interacted with quite a few helpful resources from one end of the web to the next. Some of these are companies we’ve done business with personally, other we’ve been referred to, and others we used as a source of great information along the way.

We hope you find this information useful and that it serves you as well as it has served our family. None of the links below contain affiliate links, but some may have a promo code that we ask you use if you purchase a membership or product- to help fund our travels. Continue reading “Resources for Fellow Travelers”

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My Guide to Camperforce EBook: FREE Download

If you’ve ever thought about working the Camperforce program by retail giant Amazon.com, this is the place to find the answers to your questions. As a two time returning Camperforce Vet, my husband and I, are in the perfect position to give details of what the program is really like, tips on how to make it easier for your family and general information on what to expect.

In My Guide to Camperforce, I take you from start to finish and just about every stop in between. From the application process to planning and prep, if your looking for information on how to complete this tough Workamping position without losing your sanity- this is your Guide!

 For the past year, I’ve been selling copies of my Amazon Ebook to fellow Workampers, ranging from single travels to couples and of course families- looking for information and the inside scoop on what working in the Amazon fulfillment system entails. Now, you  can my Ebook for FREE! So, learn from our mistakes- plan ahead & take the words of a fellow Workamper who’s been there and done that!

Your copy of My Guide to Camperforce: How to Plan & Prepare will include the following 4 Parts plus more:
Part 1: Know the Basics The Run Down, Application Process, What’s it like?, Top 3 Job Picks, Our Recommendations, An Insider Glance,

Part 2: Big Decisions Deciding Who Will Work, Days v. Overnights, Choosing When to Start, Planning Your Arrival, Choosing a Location,

Part 3 Plan & Prepare Mental & Physical Prep, Dress for Success, Meal Planning, A Real Life Saver, Life Outside the FC, A Day in the Life,

Part 4: Resources Meal Planner, Shopping & Errands, Shift Summary, Daily Schedule, Location Bucket List

Download My Guide to Camperforce